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No concession from Verner. That’s beneath royalty

Good afternoon, Netizens...


Current Mayor, Queen Mary Verner, did not have the guts to appear in public, much less make a formal concession speech. It seems royalty has a problem admitting defeat, even in a mayoral election. Instead, she wrote this pithy explanation on her Facebook Page:


“To the citizens of Spokane, I am deeply grateful to have had the privilege of serving as your Mayor. It has been a great honor and a time of deep and abiding growth. It is gratifying to reflect on many important community accomplishments I initiated, led, and completed during my term. But nothing I accomplished was done alone. I’ve been supported by an impressive workforce of professional public servants at all levels of City government, and my countless partners in business, academia, and community organizations. These have been very tough years for our city, state, and nation. I’ve had to play the cards as they were dealt by circumstances. But I’ve also had the opportunity to achieve a great deal of my agenda for our citizens’ priorities. Like all others in leadership roles, I’ve been saddled with undeserved blame, but I’ve also received unearned praise. And throughout the range of highs and lows, my love for Spokane has grown deeper. I believe Spokane is a great city. It is a city of refuge, where people can start over and do better. It is a city of promise, where dreams are fostered and brought to fruition. It is a city of innovation and entrepreneurship, where the American dream can be realized. It is a city of heritage and culture, where all people are respected and we don’t forget the past while we push toward a better future. In the end, serving Spokane each day with a focus on the best interests of the community has made me a better person. Time will tell what’s real and what’s illusion. As I move forward with my career and life goals, I will always be grateful for my time serving Spokane as a City Council Member and Mayor. It has been a very full and rewarding 7.75 years. Thank you, Spokane!”


Queen Mary Verner was inaugurated and crowned as Spokane's first-ever queen about the time we had a blizzard hit Spokane and nearly the entire town shut down while Queen Mary hid out from the gaze of the news media. It was not the first nor would it be the last time Queen Mary hid her true motives and designs from her constituents, much less the news media. She only recently has urged the feds to perform a full investigation of the Spokane Police Department, something she should have done a long time ago. Too little, too late, Queen Mary. Don't let the door hit you in the buttocks on your way out, platitudes notwithstanding.


Now we have a chance to start with a clean slate with Mayor-Elect David Condon. Will someone loan him a giant bottle of air freshener so he can hose down City Hall?



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