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Rootie tootie and prostitutie…

Good morning, Netizens…


America's image has taken a severe hit with the scandal of the Secret Service, members of the Armed Forces in Columbia. This gives President Obama yet another mini-crisis that the Republicans can use against him. After thinking a moment, recalling former President Bill Clinton and John Edwards' inept sexual fumbling around while in a public office, I guess my question would be whatever were these men thinking about? Whether from moral principle, fidelity to wives, concern for doing a good job, mere frugality or simple fear of getting caught, there are plenty of men – certainly almost all the men I know – who would not have done what these Secret Service agents did.


Perhaps it only complicates matters further that in Columbia, prostitution is legal. Oh well, let us eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow we may die. After all, we are armed and paid to take a bullet for the President, are we not? I'm afraid that is not the way most citizens see it.




When a funnel drops from the sky…

Good evening, Netizens…


When was the last time you huddled perhaps in your basement or in an underground storm cellar listening to the sounds as a tornado ripped your house to shreds? How many of you have seen a tornado up close and personal, like across your back fence? Have you ever seen the catastrophic damage an F-5 tornado leaves in its wake, often reducing an entire city into rubble?


I have seen every bit of the scenarios I just described above. I have even chased tornadoes down in the Midwest and Texas hoping to learn something more about how these rambunctious unpredictable storms are formed and why they still defy every bit of science we know today. However, despite a long history of unpredictability, something about predicting these storms just got better in the last week, as the Severe Storm Warning Center in Norman, Oklahoma issued a long-term severe weather warning, encompassing parts of four states. The bad part of it is that the prediction was accurate. The good part is that, despite over 100 tornadoes that hit the ground in over four states, only six people were killed.


I'll concede we do not have that many tornadoes in Eastern Washington, although we do occasionally see funnel clouds aloft, such as yesterday near Genessee, Idaho. However if we adhere to the standard by which we measure tornadoes' strength, called the Fujita Scale, we hardly have anything near the F3 and F4 tornadoes that frequently hit Tornado Alley in the Midwest. In the twenty-some years I have lived in Eastern Washington, I can only recall several F1 tornadoes and a handful of F0 storms that did little damage.


Big or small, nobody can afford to totally ignore funnel clouds. One of my favorite storm stories in Spokane involves an F1 or F2 tornado that came across North Spokane while still aloft, then touched down near Highway 2 just northeast of town. A group of people sitting in what used to be a Denny's Restaurant in North Spokane saw the funnel cloud while it was still aloft and dashed to the restaurant windows the better to see. From what I could determine, most of them had never seen a tornado before.


Who knows? This might be the year a tornado, perhaps an F2 even, drops down on Spokane.



Rocky Treppiedi is fired…

Good afternoon, Netizens…


Some of the stench that has lingered for what some have said was far too long is gone now, thanks to Mayor David Condon. That's right, Rocky Treppediedi was fired, effective today. Although Spokane City Attorney Nancy Isserlis actually did the firing, I firmly believe none of the decisions that led to Rocco's termination would have ever taken place were it not for Mayor Condon. As many times as I have carped and bitched about our City's Mayors, it gives me a feeling of hope to see Condon keep his word to fire Treppediedi, and thus help eliminate the pall that has hung over Spokane City Hall for years. It's about time!


This isn't about just the Otto Zehm case, although Treppediedi has his fingers all over that case from the beginning. There is an excellent sidebar to Rocky's termination which is located at and should be required reading for anyone who questions why Rocky had to go. Bill Morlin and Karen Dorne Steele's article lists many of the significant cases which littered Treppediedi's history as Spokane's Counsel, each one adding to the aroma of malfeasance that has lingered far too long over our fair city.


There are some places throughout our city's history where we collectively have made a turn toward improvement, and I firmly believe eliminating Rocky Treppiedi as an Assistant City Attorney was long overdue.



Are we finally accountable?

Good morning, Netizens…


Interim Spokane Police Chief Scott Stevens publicly acknowledged yesterday that the Spokane Police Department made troubling mistakes while investigating the 2006 confrontation that resulted in the death of Otto Zehm.


Stephens went on to state that he disagrees with Assistant U.S. Attorney General Thomas Perez, who called the department’s Zehm investigation an “extensive cover-up” and “violent abuse of power.” Stephens promises an open, candid discussion with the community about what went wrong as well as what went right in the case once the Zehm family’s civil lawsuit against the city is settled.


“I think it’s important … so the public has confidence in what we are doing,” the interim chief said. “I’m more than happy to share what those lessons were and what changes were made when it is appropriate. My desired outcome is that we restore the public trust and confidence in their department.”


Restore public trust and confidence in the Spokane Police Department?


It's been six years since the death of Otto Zehm. How many more years do the citizens of Spokane have to wait for the high-ranking SPD to tell all of the truth all the time? How much longer do we have to wait for that liar Rocky Treppiedi to leave public office for good?


I've been harping about the death of Otto Zehm since his murder took place in 2006, to such a degree that I wonder how much longer we have to scream at the top of our lungs to obtain our rights?



Could this be Sarah Palin?

Good morning, Netizens…


Bellevue Police spokesperson Carla Iafrate appeared during a news conference about missing 2-year-old Sky Metalwala, Tuesday, Nov. 8, 2011, but left some unanswered questions regarding her possible resemblance to self-styled media sensation and politician, Sarah Palin.


Dave peers curiously at her hand, exposed in this Seattle Times picture. Nope, she doesn't have any notes written on her hand. Nope.


Either Sarah has learned not to write notes to herself on her hand or else this isn't Palin at all, but a somewhat close resemblance.



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