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Weather forecast…,


Good morning, Netizens….


Depending upon where you live, last night's thunderstorm/severe thunderstorm may have been an anti-climax. Of course if you have ever lived in the Midwest or portions of the Deep South, perhaps you already have a good first-hand knowledge of what a severe thunderstorm is all about, in which case you may already have a bottle of contempt ready to pour on the Spokane Weather Bureau for their near-hysterical coverage of the run up to last night's storm.


True, there were wind gusts nearing 60 miles per hour, which was as predicted. Thanks to the wind, we even had a considerable dust storm blow through our part of town, leaving a hefty dose of farm topsoil from parts of Othello, Odessa and Adams County in its wake. At the time some may have bitched to the weather gods because they could not see across the street well enough to spy on the sex goddess living across the way who occasionally wanders around her living room in scanty attire.


But severe thunderstorm in Spokane? The Weather Bureau should put out warnings to watch out for spurious severe weather warnings in the near future. That, or perhaps sentence our weather spotters to six months in Tornado Alley to watch for some real cloud busters.



Fix when ready


How I broke  my back and survived to tell the tale, the short version .I slipped in the shower and fell on my patjunkus, and unbeknown to me, I had serious and advanced oteoporosis which how I came to shatter one of my lumbar vertebrae into a bazillion little pieces. For a short time afterward I could not walk; in fact I could not sit comfortably on anything that a normal human would consider fit for use. I lay in bed, miserable, scared and frustrated for over three weeks, unable to do more than call people by phone.


Things are getting better, for at least the last few days  now I can huddle in bed with my laptop computer and am cogent enough that I can  once more  participate with the rest of the world. I still cannot drive  and walking is still out of the question.


One week from this Monday at 1:30 PM I am surrendering myself to a fine bone doctor for an MRI bone scan. Some medical sources tell me that with therapy I could be as good as new. Other sources say not so fast fat boy.

I guess we’ll cross that bridge when  we get there.


Thanks to Susan Waters, Jeanie and others for all their thoughts and care.




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