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No one is above the law…

Good morning, Netizens…

[portions from Spokesman-Review, KHQ]

Well, I’ll be fiddled and diddled!

Spokane Police Chief Anne Kirkpatrick was issued a $154 speeding ticket by a Spokane County deputy sheriff over the weekend for driving 13 mph faster than the speed limit.

She was in an unmarked car heading for a picnic when she was pulled over on Upriver Drive in her unmarked police car.

“He told me I was speeding … I said, ‘Then you’ve gotta write me the ticket,’ ” Kirkpatrick told KHQ. “I didn’t give him an option to not write me a ticket.”

Kirkpatrick apologized to the citizens of Spokane and the mayor, KHQ reported.

I remember a number of off-duty Spokane Police Detectives who have been pulled over, but instead of accepting a speeding ticket, have shown the nice officer their badges, and thus received no ticket.

It’s a professional courtesy,” one of them said, when asked about the situation.

I could name names but then someone would have to shoot or Taser me.

Nice job being honest, Chief! You occasionally amaze even me.


Chief Anne Kirkpatrick, mountain climber…

Good evening, Netizens…

[Portions from KXLY-TV and their respective web site]

I am certain there are some who will shake their sage heads at me and complain I must have gone “over to the other side” or some other claptrap, but such is not the case. Police Chief Anne Kirkpatrick celebrated her 50th birthday by climbing Mount Rainier, which I know from years spent hiking around Mount Hood, is no simple feat at all.Yet hardly anyone noticed her achievement, something I found lacking.

Climbers, even experienced climbers, have encountered technical challenges climbing Ranier in the past, and have been forced by foul weather and climbing conditions to return to base camp, but in Chief Kirkpatrick’s favor is her will to achieve her goals.

According to KXLY-TV Chief Kirkpatrick hiked the nine and one-half miles from the Paradise Visitor’s Center to the Ranier crater over two days, she reached the peak at approximately 12,500 feet just shortly after sunrise.That is some serious climbing.

Before anyone mutters some deprecations about who paid for her climb, Chief Kirkpatrick paid for it all herself; after all, it was her birthday present to herself.

Only half of the 9,000 people who set out to climb Mt. Rainier last year actually reached the summit, because it is treacherous and not an easy climb. This year Anne Kirkpatrick added her name to those that had made it to the top.

Happy Birthday, Chief Kirkpatrick and congratulations on a successful and safe climb.


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