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Arlen WHO…

Good morning, Netizens…

In today’s David Horsey cartoon we delve into a piece of American politics that perhaps few of us pay much attention to: switch hitters, people who switch from one party to the other. The former Republican Arlen Specter, who recently won accolades from members of the Democratic Party, including President Obama, has had verbal rocks thrown at him by members of the Republican Party, including Rush Limbaugh and Fox News Networks’ commentators because he switched sides. 

Obama said he was “glad to have Specter” and Rush Limbaugh said he wouldn’t be missed, if you want to know.

It seems the only place they appreciate switch-hitters these days is in baseball, and only if they are proficient with either hand.

Is this simply political expediency or, as Specter observed, has the Republican Party become too far right-wing for his tastes? Which is it?


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