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Spokane Mayoral candidates nose-to-nose…

Good morning, Netizens…


Picture: (David Condon, via the SR)


I have been largely ignoring the upcoming mayoral elections, largely because I believe it has been bid on in a competitive manner by a diverse group of organizations. Everyone, it seems, has a say in who we elect as our next Mayor of Spokane; everyone except for the voters perhaps. Rumors persist that a voluntary collection was taken by members of the Police Guild, the proceeds of which would support their chosen candidate, as well as stipends being given to Rocky Treppiedi and various other luminaries whom they feel best-represent their interests.


Of course we could kill two birds with one stone by formally making the ill-fated Ridpath Hotel the Mayor's official residence. This, of course, might give Ridpath heir-apparent/owner Greg Jeffreys and a handful of other owners a bad case of indigestion, because then they would be forced to clean up this blight on Downtown Spokane, something which the Ridpath's owners are apparently unable or unwilling to do.


Mayoral challenger David Condon, has already taken Mayor Queen Mary to task calling her handling of the Otto Zehm case “an indictment” of city government. “As mayor, Mayor Verner has wasted taxpayer money and slowed the course of justice by her defense of the city bureaucracy and the mismanagement of this case,” Condon said in a statement released Tuesday by his campaign.


Thus, Condon, who used to work for U.S. Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers, has come out of the chute barking at Queen Mary like a bulldog, but that doesn't seem to make a difference to me.



Stage 2 Snow Emergency Declared


Good evening, Netizens…


The City of Spokane this afternoon declared a Stage 2 Snow Emergency. During a Stage 2 Snow Emergency crews will work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week until they complete a full-City plow that includes all residential areas. Of course, early this morning, I heard from Dr. John, who informed me at approximately 6:00 o'clock this morning that Grand Boulevard had seen several of our city snowplows eagerly plying the South Hill thus preventing the more affluent of Spokane's polite society from complaining to City Hall that nothing was being done.


As of this evening, and coincidentally another four or five inches of newly fallen snow later, many of the hills on the impoverished North Side have not seen a snow plow coming through nor, for that matter, any of the road graders which did a commendable job during the last snow storm of removing the buildup of ice and snow from the residential streets.


Unfortunately this is only day two since the snow began falling. The challenge will be to see how long we will have to wait before they clear the residential streets of this round of snow accumulation. Perhaps this time they will actually visit the Hillyard neighborhood before the weekend, but don't take any big wagers on it.



Snowcropolis II or is it III?

Good morning, Netizens…

According to the City of Spokane, we have entered Phase 2 of the City’s snow plowing plan which means the plows will be running 24 hours per day until all streets, including residential thoroughfares, have been plowed. If one reads the official plan, you see we have to move our vehicles to the positively-numbered side of the streets. They also refer you to the city’s web site so you can tell when and where the plows will arrive. BLZTPH! Sorry, but as of 11:00 AM today the city’s web site doesn’t contain any information about where the city plows are currently working or when they will be plowing residential streets. Even worse, the city’s informational Plow Line recorded message is still stuck in Phase I, main thoroughfares and bus routes, so not even the phone lines can help.

Now, if you are suffering the first phases of long-term depression after hearing all this wonderful news, be aware that once this storm passes, theoretically sometime late today or tomorrow, we actually will have a hiatus from snow falling for a day or two. However, sometime Tuesday an even bigger snow storm is slated to drop additional snow on our fair city, and according to some forecasters, the next storm might be a real doozy, making Snowcropolis III a distant possibility.

Do we dare prepare ourselves for Snowcropolis II or III, distant cousins to the blast from the past two years ago, when the entire City of Spokane inexorably ground to a halt once residential streets became impassable? It’s a good thing this falls on a weekend, so none of the city’s Public Works personnel have to appear before those pesky TV broadcasters to explain how well things are actually progressing.


I didn’t attend Hoopfest… here’s why

 Good morning, Netizens…

Yet another year in the life of Hoopfest has come and gone, and all the numb sunburned bodies have finally laid their claims to fame and fortune or ill fame and misfortune as the case may be. But for me and mine, we did not attend Hoopfest; in fact, we didn’t even watch the breathless news breaks featuring the winners on the evening news. Why?

First, there is no place for aging fat bodies in the mass mayhem of thousands of basketball players vying for first place. Granted, there are a few elder members of our society who have banded together and thus compete on the courts downtown, but there should be strict disclaimers for televised images. After all, the pictures of septuagenarians hitting the tarmac with an ugly splat should not be broadcast where innocent youngsters can see them unless accompanied by, “Before you laugh, remember someday you, too, could look like this.”

Of course, no Hoopfest would be complete without a whirlwind tour of the vendors on food row. The selection of food and drink is just like Pig Out in the Park but with muscle strains and those fancy T-shirts. In fact, if you look closely, you’ll see that most of the vendors also appear at Pig Out in the Park as well. Once again, aging fatbodies, particularly those with Type-II diabetes should avoid the temptation. My, but what a wonderful selection of temptation we have in Spokane.

A great deal of noise has been made about how Hoopfest makes all this money for the City of Spokane and worthy charities, and thus justifies its existence. It does a lot of good for charities, in fact. However, I would much rather choose the charities I support, rather than have someone else choose them for me. Remember, this is day 70 of the Gulf Oil Spill.

The biggest reason we have studiously avoided Hoopfest all these years, however, is that I develop a severe rash of a most private nature when I am in a vast warbling mass of unwashed people, regardless of their intentions or why they came together. Yes, I admit it. I get a severe rash on the forefront of my brain just thinking about 30,000 plus strangers in close proximity to me and mine. Give me a quiet afternoon sitting out back in the Virtual Garden watching the Garden Gnomes and a few closely-held friends celebrating the ripening strawberry plants and the serenity of the rose bushes.


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