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Designed by Committee?

Good morning, Netizens…

Let us suppose, as cartoonist David Horsey’s cartoon this morning suggests, that creation was performed by a committee. Given all the somewhat-hilarious possibilities that Horsey has come up with, there are a few others that come to mind.

Who invented women’s four-inch spike high heels and why? Although a cursory examination of the web tells us little about the invention, except these contraptions date back to Egyptian times.

Among the reasons for NOT wearing high heels are:

they cause foot pain

they dramatically increase the likelihood of sprains and fractures

persons who already have healed fractures can suffer aggravating pain

they can create all kinds of foot deformities

the wearers are unable to run

Another designed-by-committee creation that ranks up at the top of the pile of stupid things has to be the Taser.

While I am certain there are others, I am running out of disposable time. Feel free to contribute to the list.


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