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Spokane Falls Family Clinic Pharmacy robbed at gunpoint

Good morning, Netizens…


Egods, some malfunctioning member of society robbed my favorite clinic pharmacy at gunpoint yesterday. Spokane Falls Family Clinic's pharmacy is in the basement of the building at 120 West Mission. Despite the fact that police arrived within minutes of the robbery, the robber(s) got away, perhaps in a Volvo ostensibly with a white trunk.


They didn't get any Oxycontin, though. There is a big sign over the counter that states the clinic no longer stocks the drug, a favorite of street merchants everywhere. However the chances are fair the culprits probably did not or could not read the sign.


For nearly a decade I have been purchasing all my prescriptions from Spokane Falls. They are cheaper by far over the “big box stores” and their personnel are truly caring and friendly. For the last few years, I have been playing a light-hearted game with them I call “The Word of the Day” each time I drop by to fill a prescription. The game goes thus: I give them a word, typically one of the most misspelled words, and if they spell it correctly, they win a free latte of their choice. Just so my record is safe, in over ten years I have paid for five coffee drinks.


Obviously the robbers weren't into playing “The Word of the Day”. They were more interested in getting high. Maybe if the police get lucky and capture these dangerous fools, they will have lots of disposable time to improve their personal vocabularies.



A heinous criminal…

Good afternoon, Netizens…

Eric John Rick Vogel, a former radio announcer in Libby, Montana, will not be broadcasting any more shows for awhile. That’s because he is doing 40 years at the Montana State Prison for sexual assaulting five out of his seven children. I’ve been following this case closely as it wove its way through Lincoln County Courts in Libby, thanks in part to Steve Thompson’s insistence.

For the record, here is his prison picture:


When it is time to be quiet…

Good evening, everyone…

After a thorough review of the police reports involved, including those given to the Spokesman, it is painfully aware to anyone reading the story of what happened, we have either (a) a suspect with a gun who vanished into thin air or (b) an officer either didn’t see what his statements indicated or as a final option, someone cleverly escaped from an open window in the house, eluding the police that had a house surrounded and managed to effect an escape. It all depends upon whom you believe.

It about 9:00 AM this morning, when Spokane Valley police were attempting to do a follow-up on a report stolen property had been seen on the property at 11423 E. Broadway. After a scuffle in the front yard involving two people, police arrested a 16-year-old boy and a 17-year-old girl, but still no sign of the stolen property. However, according to all available news reports, one officer stated he saw a male run back into the house carrying a gun. Thus began a standoff, the lockdown of several nearby schools, street closures and police telling their neighbors not to leave their homes.

According to Detective Dave Thornburg’s press release, deputies said after the two juveniles were arrested, they saw a possible third suspect looking out of a window in the home, along with lights being turned on and off.

Once a search warrant was obtained, officers from SWAT made entry into the house and searched the premises for the man with a gun, but could find no trace of him nor of a gun. They did, however, recover some stolen property from a burglary at A to Z Rental, including two weed trimmers, a rototiller and a chain saw. Most had been dismantled. Thornburg said the stolen items may have been used for parts for two mini-cycles found inside the home, which use the same type of motor. Now that is interesting. A mini-cycle powered by a chain saw motor won’t go very fast, but it will cut down trees with the proper appointments.

In a statement made by the co-owner of the house, Vanessa Westerman, made lots of florid press when she stated the arrested teens are her children. “If they punched a cop, good for them,” she said. “They (the police) have no right to be in my house.”

Don’t look now, but the search warrant and the recovered stolen property gives them every right to be in the house. Perhaps at this late stage of the game she might want to contact a bail bondsman for her teenagers, and maybe an attorney to help explain away the recovered stolen property before she makes any further statements for the news media. 



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