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How does one educate for success?

Good morning, Netizens…

Despite having attended several universities and colleges, I have never particularly been a strong advocate of traditional education as taught in our public schools today. Instead of today’s students being encouraged and aided to learn at their own levels and speed, our system appears to attempt to teach them how to pass the standardized testing programs. Perhaps even worse, although we have a plethora of new-and-improved testing programs, given our dismal teacher-to-student ratios in the classrooms, we are unable to truly teach children effectively.

Then we compound the errors of the educational system with a societal system of televised entertainment disguised as so-called education. In my day we had kids television fare, such as Captain Kangaroo and other shows that brought education to kids in unorthodox ways, but that had learning content. I’ve looked at television shows that target kids today, and I find very few such educational opportunities. Kids television today contains more fluff, more targeted advertising and less instruction.

I cannot help but recall a true story I related to a friend the other day, about my own personal learning experiences. I was a voracious reader from grade school. By the time I entered High School, I had already read most of the limited fictional works in the high school library, and had already begun reading non-fiction. The net result, unfortunately, was that I began ignoring some of the traditional teaching materials used by our school, relying instead upon a stack of paperback books in my locker I had purchased from the Scholastic Book Club of the time. By my Junior year in high school, I had my own library, and at least had already read the required reading list for college level.

My granddaughters today, by comparison, are forced to read as part of their school curriculum, but do not do so by choice, and in my opinion, were it not for the ongoing home-based education efforts that our family have put into place, I seriously doubt they would achieve success.

I concur with Horsey. Dismal education is no substitute for a hunger for learning.


The downslide of the middle class?

Good evening, Netizens…

Here is another David Horsey cartoon that probably hits the mark for most people reading it. In addition to teachers and blue collar jobs, we can add newspaper journalists, since their numbers have been steadily dropping for several years. Although I do not have the latest figures right at my fingertips, although I probably should, the number of newspapers that have shuttered their doors in the last year scares anyone who cares about the power of printed newspaper journalism. We can also add most people who once made their livings on the Gulf Coast, despite what BP says about paying their bills.

In case no one was watching, David Horsey once worked for a daily newspaper in Seattle called the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. It once was a daily newspaper of some considerable merit, and now appears only as an online newspaper, surviving only by their wits and good journalism.

Can you think of any other sections of our national economy that are still in free-fall?


What goes over the side?

Good morning, Netizens…

David Horsey’s cartoon is perhaps a bit off-center here, but it does ask a perfectly-valid question: if such a thing is actually taking place, where the wealthy are getting huge tax cuts while the unemployed benefits are being cut, what does it say about the condition of our economy?

Or, viewed more within the constraints of the cartoon itself, an alligator can swim pretty well, while a poor yellow cat probably doesn’t swim worth a damn. Which of the two makes more sense to put over the side in favor of protecting the boat S.S. Economy?

We need to do something about our national unemployment, and judging by the way the economy is diving at times, we probably need to do something pretty quickly. But do we toss the alligator?


Oil alternatives…

Good morning, Netizens…

Cartoonist David Horsey takes his shot at the billions of gallons of petroleum that modern society uses each day, and although he has only scraped the surface of the problem, he makes his point. If you look closely at the caricature you will see she is wearing some of those trendy plastic red shoes, which are made from petroleum. In fact, everything she has on requires petroleum: the ships that brought her jeans and t-shirt to the United States from China/Japan all are derived, in part, from the use of petroleum.

If you lean back in your Great Chair and contemplate the world around you, it won’t take long for you to see how utterly dependent we are on petroleum for everything we consume. Thus we are part of the oil spill, whether or not we want to admit it.

What are the alternatives?

We could go back to the Stone Age, where we lived in caves, wore animal skins and hunted our food. Yeah, sure. Our kids and grand kids simply could not survive without their daily injection of television fare. Without jet fuel we couldn’t migrate across the country, much less the world. The Internet would simply die for lack of electricity. The harder you look at an oil-free world, the worse it seems to get.

Sooner or later we will have to solve the problem of our dependence, but what is the solution to the problem?


SEC to save the day…

Good morning, Netizens…

In this morning’s cartoon, the Seattle-PI’s David Horsey contributes a humorous glance at Goldman-Sachs’ current situation, with the SEC finally throwing a bit of light into the dark corner from whence Goldman helped destroy America’s economy.

Of course the politics of the time is that hardly anyone expects that Goldman-Sachs will ever be fined or serve a day of jail time, nor the SEC for allowing it to happen. My bet is that lots of public hearings will be held at the highest levels of government, with a gargantuan number of ominous-sounding statements by various elected officials, but no punitive damages assessed.

However, I never saw lady US Economy look so good before. Most of the time recently the US Economy more-closely resembles a Bag Lady working the dumpsters behind the Denny’s Restaurant looking for a cast-off meal.

Unfortunately the numbers of dumpster divers working the City over these spring mornings are more common than you might think, and you can bet the SEC doesn’t give a rat’s patoot about them. In ways too subtle to conceive, they are still paying for SEC’s gaffes.

Of course, your opinion may differ.


At the fence wanting in?

Good morning, Netizens…

The nutcase at the fence

While it appears cartoonist David Horsey hit the nail on the head on this caricature of Iran’s Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, much the same could be said for an entire cadre of shadowy terrorist organizations around the world, each of which are, like Iran, at the fence aspiring to obtain nuclear technology capable of building a bomb.

Perhaps Ahmadinejad is much closer to obtaining nuclear weapons than we may believe or know. Of course, I might be wrong.

Either way, he is at the fence looking in on the nuclear disarmament talks, perhaps wanting in, but probably not if he is successful at building a bomb. After all the work and the sanctions against his country, why would he want to disarm?


Calling on the Democrats…

Good evening, Netizens…

Cartoonist David Horsey calls it “The brave new voice of patriotism”, but I suspect he has his tongue firmly glued to the deepest corners of his cheek when he wrote that line. In my opinion, this guy making the phone calls to Democratic Party members is a few cards short of a deck of cards upstairs.

However, once I back off my personal beliefs about the Tea Party members, I am still left with the bad taste that comes from listening to someone who thinks they are quite brilliant, acutely aware of all the issues and has a good command of the King’s English. Of course I might burn for this, but one person who quickly comes to mind is Sarah Palin who is making yet another run for public office without really coming out and saying so. She uses innuendo like a sharpened scimitar to lop off the ears of anyone who disagrees with her particular point of view sometimes.

Besides, anyone who consorts with a cross-eyed adder is questionable in certain ways, in my opinion.

Kudos to David Horsey for a good image of the Extreme Right Wingnuts, all done with just one cartoon panel. I’m glad to have him back once again.


Another view of Democracy…

Good morning, Netizens…

Ah, Democracy, at least as practiced by the American people. Cartoonist David Horsey gives us an irreverent glimpse of Democracy as viewed by the people of Afghanistan, perhaps one that we cannot admit to ourselves. All we have to do is watch the Senate and House voting on Health Care legislation closely and we can see how our Democracy is fragile and subject to breakage.

David Horsey has it correct, I think. One vote can put an end to a bill, and with it, Democracy quickly goes downhill.

Now if Americans truly understood the principal of representative democracy, perhaps half the people in the House and Senate would already be out of a job and we might have our jobs back and perhaps even a health care bill we need.


The Tea Baggers daydream…

Good morning, Netizens…

Somehow in the vibrant corners of my mind, where all kinds of imponderable things rise to the surface, I just knew David Horsey would eventually get around to the issue of Sarah Palin and her book tour again. It isn’t that he has been dodging the issues which Sarah Palin brings to mind, for as many who follow her every statement know, she is quite capable of manipulating the airwaves when it suits her purposes.

However, I suppose if the so-called Tea Baggers were to have Christmas wishes, I could imagine Horsey’s impression of that meeting might be accurate. Sitting on Santa Sarah’s lap would be a high-priority item, and if one were lucky, you might even get an autograph.

At last report her book, which some say was ghost-written, is selling well, especially in the geographical/political areas Palin has chosen. After her ill-fated run at the Vice-Presidency in which she was manipulated by her “handlers” depending upon your view, it is refreshing to see her performing some manipulations of her own. Of course, it depends whether or not you are a “Tea Bagger” sitting on Santa Sarah’s lap or whether you grit your teeth each time Palin flashes her pearly-whites at you.


Horsey speaks on religion…

Good morning, Netizens…

I don’t know why David Horsey chose today, Black Friday, of all days to write about a history of religion, but so be it. It is a hot enough button, and it is done well enough that it should inspire either some in-depth conversation or controversy, depending upon one’s relative point of view.

One of my favorite books, The Comparative History of Religion, an out-of-date tome that delves pretty deeply into how the various religions have evolved, including not only the various permutations of Christianity but pretty much all the other religious factions from Islamic Faith to the more esoteric and Eastern belief systems. Yet another excellent study in belief, the eleven volume set of The History of Philosophy by Will and Ariel Durant, exposes much of how religions evolved.

Nearly all the religions of the world proclaim loudly they are religions of peace. When you stop to think of it, most of the significant wars and strife in the world have been fomented or at least abetted by religion, beginning with the Birth of Christ, continuing up to modern times.

Some say religion and politics are often quite parallel to one another throughout history. Of course, some others suggest that religion shaped politics or vice-versa. It all depends upon one’s perspective.

We have been dragged back and forth into various wars throughout history by our faiths and our political points of view, so it comes as no surprise that in our generation we are fighting wars, once again, with two religions, or factions thereof, most of which proclaim they have only peaceful beliefs.

To see the logic of this all we must do is study history, for its unblinking eye tends to tell us wars and religions are inevitable. Of course, your opinions may differ.


The ballots are counted — sort of…

Good morning, Netizens…

As David Horsey points out, President Barack Obama may have an earful after the ballots are counted. Or maybe not, depending upon how much political joss can be derived by either the Democrats or the Republicans who successfully ran for election back East.

I have two schools of thought when it comes to post-election day news, which is probably why I didn’t have much to say about the election until it more or less was settled.

The first school observes that, at least in the Pacific Northwest, we nearly always have a tradition of holding election night parties in one of our favorite community bars, some of which last well into the night in tightly-contested elections. Based upon previous year elections, these occasions depend heavily upon a candidate winning in the ballots, for it they are not ahead in the ballot count, people tend to simply drift away to go somewhere else for their drinking. Since I staunchly abstain from drinking, I am about as embarrassing as a fat man at a foot race, since I am sober.

The other school, which the vast majority of citizens seem to favor, is simply sit transfixed in front of their televisions awaiting to hear which candidates and referendums won, and by how much, or even better, simply go to bed and await the morning news the next day after the ballots are counted. This is particularly true in the midst of this Recession, when some folks do not even have jobs and can no longer afford a trip across town to celebrate or cheer their candidates onward.

Initiative 1033, one of the most-hotly contested issues on the ballot, yet another test of Tim Eyman’s will versus that of the voters, seems certain to be headed to defeat. The voters will have to live with the free-wheeling spending habits of State Government, which may or may not be a good thing in the year of huge budget deficits and national recession.

Of course, if you take the tentative defeat of 1033 in stock, you might also contemplate the race between Mike Fagan and Amber Waldref for City Council District #1. I wondered from the beginning how many voters noticed the relationship between Fagan and Tim Eyman, and would vote accordingly. Now that Amber has cleaned Fagan’s clock, it will be interesting to watch the City Council as she assumes Al French’s former City Council seat. All I ever have asked of voters is that intelligent informed voters need fill out their ballots; everyone else need not apply. With slightly more than 50% of the registered voters casting their ballots, perhaps that happened this time.

Having spoken, I will only comment that I fully support Referendum #71. It is time we got the government out of our relationships, married or otherwise, and it appears to be winning. Now watch. Someone on the religious right will unquestionably sue to overturn or alter its intent.

As for the ballyhoo about President Obama and the purported effects of Republican wins in New Jersey and Virginia, I question the importance of their wins. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.


It all depends…

Good morning, Netizens…

Let us approach the issue of Boeing opening its newest plant in South Carolina with delicacy, shall we? That isn’t to say that cartoonist David Horsey has done so with today’s cartoon, not hardly at all.

A poet once observed that a little competition is good for everyone, and perhaps this could be made to apply to Boeing in Seattle. I believe the Unions in Seattle have become complacent and so set in their ways over the years, which the unions have profited handsomely, that they strike back against anyone wishing to take a little piece of their pie.

On the other hand, in these somewhat desperate times, it doesn’t make sense to be exporting jobs from Washington State to South Carolina, does it? Of course, if you live in South Carolina, there probably people out dancing in the streets upon hearing that so many new jobs are arriving soon.

Of course, this all could be David Horsey playing to the choir, couldn’t it?

I guess it all depends upon your position.


Debt, starvation and taxes…

Good morning, Netizens…

Ah, the federal debt. David Horsey shows a lifelike rendition of what it must feel like to be our ostensible founder and guardian, Uncle Sam, sitting beneath the incredible weight of our national debt. He makes a point of bringing former President Bill Clinton into the argument, while totally ignoring both former President Bushes, who perhaps bear a considerable responsibility for our having such a debt on our backs.

The unspoken question, left untouched by David Horsey, is how much does such a huge debt have on our personal lives?

In an aside, is there any truth to the Internet rumor that some morning we will awake and most of our country will be owned by the Chinese or Japanese? For that matter, might the South Koreans even have dibs on most of our infrastructure?

I remember the history of television sets older than my granddaughters. Hallicrafters, RCA Victor and Sylvania to name just a few of the names of old TV’s and radios back when. They worked like workhorses, had tubes you could replace and still are in use in some backwoods areas of the country even today. Modern kids want Eurasian equipment, such as Aiwa, Sony, Panasonic and the list is long. If they die, you throw them into the nearest landfill and start over.

Before someone rises up to remind me how little our national purchasing habits have to do with our National Debt, our government is spending money we do not have, just as some Americans are spending more than they possess.

That debt is overwhelming. Of course, your opinions may differ.


The bane of the government class…

Good morning, Netizens…

How utterly accurate David Horsey’s cartoon this morning is! The unanswered question that remains, like a crusty old penny on the tip of ones fingers is, how much money is actually passing between lobbyists and the government that got elected promising to end this largesse?

I dearly love watching some of the same banks and lending institutions that stood up quickly for the “free handouts” when President Obama told us we had to save them, are the same institutions that today are back to business as usual, paying huge bonuses, lavish parties for their high-rolling clients and other nefarious deeds? I once laughed at their television advertising.

Now, like the mother searching for her lost child,  I simply wonder where the banking lobbyists are tonight? Or do I really want to know…


How to avoid the pitfalls next time…

Good morning, Netizens…

This morning David Horsey explains for those who haven’t figured it out yet how we’ll avoid future economic cataclysms. Yes, come to think of it, it might work. That is providing we get out of the current mess the economy left us in this time around.


The question of Obama’s citizenship…

Good morning, Netizens…

I am certain few would argue with me when I say our country has a diversity of opinion nearly unequalled anywhere in the World. That is probably because we are a sum of the mixing pot, that undefined melange of races, creeds and colors of people who have decided to join us in our exercise of Democracy, that big-breed animal we take out of its cage every once in awhile and walk it proudly through the neighborhood. Unfortunately Democracy is like any large pet— you have to be responsible for its care, maintenance and feeding.

For many months now I have been listening to the endless discussions of Barak Obama’s birth certificate, his somewhat uncertain lineage and the continuous assertions that he is NOT a certified, dyed-in-the-wool American citizen and thus should not be President of the United States. I’ve been listening, and to some degree, have posed a few questions of my own about whether the presidency of Barak Obama adheres to the law.

This morning, cartoonist-to-the-world David Horsey has assumed the laurels of that particular discussion, thus relieving me of any further involvement in the argument, and I believe he has it pegged just about right. Sure, we all have the right, if not the obligation to question those things we personally find particularly objectionable or questionable. However, we should always look at the sources, those illy-defined “authorities” who have fueled our questions to begin with.

Authorities, authorities. There are so many authorities these days. Anyone who has Internet access can become an authority with less effort than they normally would reserve for answering nature’s call. However, with just a smidgen of perusal, one is left with the dominating question: who are the people who are questioning Obama’s birthplace?

That probably should be the question we are asking before we question the legitimacy of Obama’s birth certificate. Our version of Democracy voted for this Obamanation of Democracy, didn’t we?


The Ventriloquist…

Good morning, Netizens…

David Horsey’s cartoon this morning certainly speaks the truth when he portrays Vladamir Putin as a ventriloquist of a sideshow on the walkway of world politics. Being a former KGB man in the Kremlin, and apparently quite good at it, Putin only shows the United States the face he wants us to see, or in this case, hear the voice(s) he wants us to hear.

Is President Obama really aware of Putin pulling the strings of Medvedev, who cannot speak without the say-so of Putin? Is Obama really aware that Putin unquestionably views President Obama as a neophytic poseur to world diplomacy?

Ah, if only ventriloquist’s dummies could talk.


The male’s duty?

Good morning, Netizens…

David Horsey has spoken out this morning for the non-aligned persons of American society who spend a disproportionate amount of time each day looking for reasons to hate President Barack Obama who recently took his wife out for dinner and a night at the theater.

Could it possibly be that one of the reasons for the resentment expressed in David Horsey’s cartoon this morning might be because some married middle-aged men have been ignoring their duty to take their wives out on a hot evening date, maybe just once in awhile? Of course, some may ask, is that actually necessary?

Whoa! A duty?

How about the pleasure principle? You give and thus receive. Otherwise you end up like the woman in this cartoon, frustrated and angry at watching a husband who does tend his responsibilities and duties rather than sit with a can of beer in hand raging on about Obama.

Does this fit anyone you know?


The Obama Magic Show…

Good morning, Netizens…

In this morning’s David Horsey cartoon we have the famous Obama Magic Show, featuring adulations by the Democrats and starring Humpty Dumpty as The Republican Party. The real question remains to be seen whether the Republican Party will be able to put itself back together again, isn’t it?

Now the real magic act which desperately needs to take place to save the show is when Obama gets the national budget back into some semblance of order, isn’t it? It might happen; if it does, poor Humpty Dumpty will have to put himself back together again, but this time sans Rush Limbaugh and perhaps a more moderate Republican Party.

If not, brace yourselves for another go-round of the Right Wing Republican majority. That, too, could happen.

The next 100 days may be the telling point.

Do you think Obama will continue to pull rabbits out of his hat?


Aye, Mateys!

Good morning, Netizens…

While we’re busily flagellating the leadership of our local law enforcement for perceived errors if not bad intentions, today’s David Horsey cartoon gives us yet another target for our angst: AIG.

The inner machinations of credit default swaps, derivatives and other exotic financial instruments are so convoluted and hard to understand — even for the smartest brainchildren of Wall Street — that I won’t even try to explain them. I’m not even certain the people who authored these various financial instruments truly understand them, so how will you or I?

One thing is certain: they do not deserve bonuses for finding ways to put not only our economy, but the economy of a major portion of the world on the rocks. What seems unfortunate to my way of thinking is that why did Congress and President Obama wait until the bonuses which were paid for incompetence to get angry about them? That makes about as much sense as letting the pirates manage our national coffers, does it not?

My opinions do not matter for much, but having stated that, how different is the scams that were perpetrated by AIG and Bernie Madoff’s ponzi schemes? If, as I surmise, there isn’t a lot of difference between the two, simply remember where Bernie calls home these days. What might be equally interesting from a pragmatist’s point of view is to follow where these bonuses went, then close those loopholes by which so many in AIG have escaped.

AR AR AR! Put the mateys in the brig, I say.


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