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David Letterman meets David Horsey…

Good evening, Netizens…

Who in our midst could have possibly averted the news about David Letterman’s sordid affairs with his staff members. DISCLAIMER: This, of course, all took place BEFORE he was married to another staff member. The fact remains he apparently had a conga line of willing stage girls willing to share saliva and other bodily fluids with him, based upon several sources.

Somehow I knew in the darkest corners of my febrile mind that the extraordinary cartoonist David Horsey could not simply let David Letterman’s admitted gaffes pass by unnoticed.

What is there about the mindset of male public officials, bureaucrats and television and movie stars that makes them so predictably amoral about doing the Humpty-Bumpty, the lateral mombo, the twist and shout with a diversity of women?

I think my grandma had it about right when she said, “Mischief. That’s what they’re all up to, is just mischief. One trip out to the corn cob shed with grandpa’s belt will take the edge off testosterone.”

Was Grandma right?


President Obama to appear on Letterman…

Good afternoon, Netizens…

President Obama will appear on the David Letterman Show September 21, next Monday.  This will be the first appearance of a sitting President on the late-night talk show.

Given David Letterman’s ascerbic wit and often dry humor, what questions do you think he will ask Obama?


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