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The reverse Robin Hood…

Good evening, Netizens…


I must admit present economic times have dealt a disheartening series of blows to some of our worlds. With real estate foreclosures and unemployment both rising, and no end in sight of the cutbacks to those who are on Social Security and Medicare, there does seem to be an inequality to our federal and state budget. Cartoonist David Horsey makes note of this in today's cartoon, quickly making note of how Republicans are opposed to imposing any new taxes on the wealthy and super-wealthy while the rest of us are struggling to make ends meet.


My personal take on this is while Republicans are embracing their anti-tax dogma with open-armed zeal, does this truly seem like a sensible political tactic when life is not nearly so good for the lower and middle-class income families? I sense the real trick may be coming when the Republicans attempt to justify their unwillingness to tax the wealthy in the upcoming elections. Just how are Eric Cantor and his Merry Men going to justify their actions when people step into the ballot box?


After all, low-income families vote, too, don't they?



Where does it stop?

Good morning, Netizens…

So, we’ve collectively got a huge deficit, right? What I think David Horsey is asking in his cartoon is, just whose deficit is it, anyway? Before, under the George Bush administration, we could all gleefully stand and point our fingers at George W. and say something like, “See what you have done, George. You’re a naughty man for allowing such a thing to happen on your watch.”

Of course, some might say we were playing partisan politics for saying such things, but then, perhaps not.

Now that Obama has increased the deficit with various bailout schemes and other ways he is trying to save our national economy, at some point in time we must, in all fairness, make the deficit his property.

My belief is that until that dinosaur called our national deficit starts shrinking downward, it is his, and now we must point at Barack Obama and say, “See what you have done, Barack. You’re a naughty man for allowing this to continue to grow.”

Some may suggest that we are playing party politics again. Perhaps not. The bottom line remains the same. Unless he figures out a way to shrink that T-Rex we call our national deficit, we are in such deep doo-doo.

Of course, I am anxiously awaiting everyone’s thoughts on this, as it affects our children and grandchildren, perhaps as much as two generations from now.


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