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The art of understatement…

Good morning, Netizens…

Having dabbled briefly in the wild wonderful world of Spokane Police politics, and having spent the better part of two days making certain, in my mind, that former policeman Jay Olsen is a simpering self-serving nincompoop who would shoot someone with drunken and farcical intentions of justice, I will momentarily take a hiatus from casting aspersions in his general direction and examine this morning’s David Horsey cartoon.

The question Horsey asks, as are lots of other people, when is Obama’s economic stimulus package going to work?

After all, we have this rather huge problem called the economic crisis that seems to reinvent itself each new day, getting bigger and bigger. Here is our fearless leader, Obama, hacking away at it with a scimitar, seemingly unperturbed and actually quite calm about it while the rest of us are sweating away our 401k plans, watching our investments trickle on down into insignificance.

Work your magic, Barack Obama! While you’re hacking away at what you perceive the problem to be, the rest of us are sweating and getting more and more worried.


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