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Is there a civic-minded billionaire?

Good afternoon, Netizens…

According to cartoonist David Horsey, is there such a thing as a civic-minded billionaire, or are they all as self-serving as this cartoon suggests they may be?

I've been in the homes of a few billionaires and millionaires and in nearly every instance they seem so understated about how wealthy they are. It's like the difference between examining the clothing of a middle-class route salesman who travels around his district attempting to sell whatever product(s) he/she has to offer and the clothing of a billionaire in some cases. One possible exception, of course, is Warren Buffett who prefers to drive his own middle-class automobile rather than a limousine and dresses in natty suits. In some cases it is difficult to tell a billionaire from a route salesman, and perhaps they like it that way.

Behind every Buffett or Microsoft's Bill Gates, there beats the heart of a philanthropist, if you believe any of the PR which they are quite capable of generating. In some cases the philanthropy is genuine enough. Gates has donated millions of dollars to worthy causes, as has Buffett. Both men have extensively donated to charitable causes, and despite how they live or dress, they have lengthy histories of giving to those less-fortunate in life. Where does one draw the line between charity and being civic-minded?

According to Horsey's cartoon, perhaps the real test of a billionaire's civic-mindedness is how many new jobs they have created in our current economy. Economic development always seems to come back to native American ingenuity; the ability to take a good idea from scratch and make something of it, including the creation of new jobs in any given community. You do not have to be a billionaire to make that happen, but if you believe economic history, a lot of billionaires have been made with just a few good ideas mixed with seed capital.

Perhaps one of the truly outstanding facets of life in Spokane is how charitable ordinary citizens, not the billionaires, have proven themselves to be over time, for without their civic-mindedness, Spokane could be a lot more grim a landscape in which to live than it already is. Of course, your opinions may differ…


The economy falls on its prat…

Good morning, Netizens…

David Horsey occasionally errs or otherwise make mistakes, and in today’s cartoon he understated the obvious.

Our national economy is not a truck wreck. It is a train wreck, one that has reached across not only our entire country, but has impacted other countries. The spin doctors, of course, will always attempt to put a positive side on it, but facts are facts. Our economy is crashed and burned.

There are some who are saying we should not be spending money as wildly as we currently are, and they may be right.


Where does it stop?

Good morning, Netizens…

So, we’ve collectively got a huge deficit, right? What I think David Horsey is asking in his cartoon is, just whose deficit is it, anyway? Before, under the George Bush administration, we could all gleefully stand and point our fingers at George W. and say something like, “See what you have done, George. You’re a naughty man for allowing such a thing to happen on your watch.”

Of course, some might say we were playing partisan politics for saying such things, but then, perhaps not.

Now that Obama has increased the deficit with various bailout schemes and other ways he is trying to save our national economy, at some point in time we must, in all fairness, make the deficit his property.

My belief is that until that dinosaur called our national deficit starts shrinking downward, it is his, and now we must point at Barack Obama and say, “See what you have done, Barack. You’re a naughty man for allowing this to continue to grow.”

Some may suggest that we are playing party politics again. Perhaps not. The bottom line remains the same. Unless he figures out a way to shrink that T-Rex we call our national deficit, we are in such deep doo-doo.

Of course, I am anxiously awaiting everyone’s thoughts on this, as it affects our children and grandchildren, perhaps as much as two generations from now.


Is Obama’s tax plan tax warfare?

Good morning, Netizens…

Is the Obama tax plan really class warfare?

Or is it, as some have suggested, merely an adjustment from the Bush era back toward the middle of the road? Can it save our ecxonomy or will it lead us to worse conditions than we already have? Inquiring minds want to know.


One way to fix the economy…

Good morning, Netizens…

As David Horsey’s political cartoon opines this morning, we have some alternatives when it comes to our national economy falling into the toilet tank. Despite the fact that the sale of alcoholic beverages dropped recently, fear not O gentle spirits!

For you can still do your part to save this vital part of our national economy and help yourselves survive the doldrums of being perpetually dismayed, if not nearly broke by buying more booze. Given the grim statistics being handed out by various pointy-headed statisticians, it might prove to be more entertaining than watching reruns of Captain Kangaroo in slow-motion on the VCR.

Of course on the down side, such behavior might ruin your marriage if you have one, put you over the edge into foreclosure, cause you to wreck the Bentley, cause sexual dysfunction or otherwise neatly rearrange your priorities.

Hey, but look at it this way – you will have helped save an important part of the national economy while vaguely reassuring yourselves that everything is fine, no problems and life is good. Do your patriotic duty.


You haven’t seen anything yet?

Good morning, Netizens…

In this morning’s David Horsey political cartoon, David Horsey’s wit has been supplanted with some wisdom. Despite the liberties with which he has created a caricature of President Obama attired as General George Washington at Valley Forge, there is some profound wisdom in what the cartoon implies.

Feeling the pinch as your once-abundant 401k has steadily shriveled up to the size of a pencil lead? What? You have forgotten how small that is? Tired of reading how our country is steadily losing more and more jobs but grateful it is happening somewhere else, not in our back yard? Hell, you still go to work each day, don’t you? Do you tire of reading about the rising number of the homeless, feeling reassured that could never happen to you? Do you ever worry as yet another bank has failed, leaving economic chaos in its wake? Is the Dow Jones driving you the poorhouse instead of into prosperity?

On the other hand, now that you have recovered from your ecstatic euphoria from watching the Obama Inauguration and the festivities that followed, it may be getting colder than we might admit.

Yes, as we come tap-dancing back from our collective memories of the various mountaintop experiences, the seemingly-inexhaustible Presidential Inauguration celebrations that rambled gaily across Washington DC, while we sat on the edge of a stygian wind-blasted plain of economic danger, deprivation and need, we might have stumbled across another vision.

Out of the darkness and chilling cold, a harbinger of the past rises up from the ground and shakes a finger in our faces, admonishing us all to beware. It is time to face reality because we haven’t seen anything yet. Dress warmly. It may get cold.


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