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Mubarak to go?


Good morning, Netizens…


I've been reluctant to cast my opinion on the collective waters about the Egyptian uprising, simply because life in Egypt currently is in such a state of flux, with daily riots and unrest, journalists being beaten and foreign citizens leaving the country in droves. Each time I sit down before the keyboard with an eye toward Egyptian affairs, Middle East civic affairs have gotten worse or, at least, some new American diplomatic gaffe has taken place.


However, this morning, David Horsey takes on Mubarak, and I immediately fell on the floor laughing my backside off.


Our nation does not seem to understand that Mubarak is a tyrant, a dictator and an evil man. He has run the economy of Egypt into the ground for over 30 years, to such a degree that food and employment are both at incredible lows, and in a so-called democracy, the Egyptian people are simply not going to tolerate it much longer. The sad part of Mubarak's regime is the billion dollars and more that Egypt currently receives in support from the United States.


What is equally tragic beyond words is the looting of the Museum of Egyptian Antiquities and other archeological sites which included some of the most valuable ancient artifacts, some dating centuries ago. It could have been much worse, had bands of concerned Egyptians not formed human barricades to prevent further damage. Of the items is damaged, Egypt's antiquities chief says looters broke 13 glass showcases. Among the artifacts damaged is a statue from King Tutankhamun's tomb dating back more than 3,000 years.


Of course, Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak has stated that he would like to step down, thus satisfying the protestors, but he fears that chaos would result. Oh? I would call what is happening in Cairo right now chaos. Are things improving?


So I side with David Horsey. Mubarak the mummy is better than Mubarak the tyrant. Of course, your results may differ.



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