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Romney’s Job Plan a con game?

Good morning, Netizens…


In this morning's David Horsey cartoon, we take a brief look at the Presidency campaign of Mitt Romney. Now before most of you bail out of our tiny boat, the U.S.S. Campaign 2012, gasping out of fear for your life vests, please bear with me, because I am certain beyond a question of a doubt that the Mitt Romney Campaign does not endorse this cartoon.


What Romney in the cartoon asks, and it seems a good question to me, is just what is his jobs plan, anyway?


I wonder if his Jobs Plan is actually Give More Money to the Rich Guys Plan in disguise. Of course we could always assume his Jobs Plan is another part of the vast Mormon Conspiracy, now couldn't we? Unfortunately, Horsey didn't write about that, which may be more the pity.


Although Horsey did jump on Obama's choice of religious preference way back when, I think that Romney's religious preferences should be just as big a target as Obama's, just as Obama's lack of a cohesive Jobs Plan.


I personally think the upcoming Republican Convention will make for fascinating material for the late-night television humorists. By then perhaps Romney will have a teleprompter that works.


Of course, your political views may differ.



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