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The Narft man…

Good afternoon, Netizens…

Although not a Christmas story, here is a fantasy fable originally written for Marty Hibbs, who I think understands cats, and for David Elton who has written about his weiner dogs…

The Narft Man

by Dave Laird

Copyright 1992-2008

It was a snowy winter’s day, and Mrrowzr had just returned indoors from an abbreviated visit to the outdoors. Entering the house from the front door, she shook her paws free of the remaining droplets of snow, while all three other cats sniffed at her as she went by, eager to see if anything were amiss. Although she endured the humility of the three other cats sniffing her behind, as if she were a common street cat, she quickly grabbed a bite of food, a drink of water, and then made straight for the bedroom to rest awhile.

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