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A Gathering? By all means!

Good morning, Netizens…


I have been asked for possible date(s) to hold a Gathering this month, and to be utterly honest, both Jeanie's and my schedule are so chaotic as to make planning such a thing into a major migraine headache. Having said all that, Tuesday the 23rd and Thursday the 25th both seem like likely suspects. It fits in with Jeanie's schedule, it fits in with mine, and I believe Marty might not object. 8-)


Since our first Gathering, back in the day, was held at Franklin Park, weather permitting, I think that might be a good place to invoke the Gathering of the Tribes. If everyone can agree on a date, I'll see if I can reserve a piece of real estate (such as a shelter) from the powers-that-be on whatever date we can agree on.


Don't bother digging your tuxedo out of the closet; this is strictly a come-as-you-are affair. Food may or may not be available, but no fair mixing those nasty margaritas beneath the trees and attempting to make them appear by magic. Magic, for that matter, will be strictly disallowed, although anyone old enough to remember their many contributions from a different era may feel free to invoke the spirits of Roger Erdman, John King and various others who have played such a part in events of the past.


So, let us know what will work with your schedule.



Gathering off for today…

Good morning, Netizens…

Yes, it is another of those days when I have to scrape my face, attempt to appear like I might know what I am doing and hit the road earlier than I normally would like. Hence the breakfast this morning has been firmly re-scheduled for tomorrow, Saturday morning, sometime between 8 and 8:30 at our covert location.

Thank God it’s FRIDAY! With a new server up and configured for a client, there are always “issues” to use the patented phrase, and this one has been a doozy, but it is done, it does seem.

So tomorrow morning, I am at everyone’s disposal.


I have to cancel breakfast this morning…

Good morning, Netizens…

There have been a few times, and I stress the word FEW when I simply could not attend to my appointed rounds with Marty and various other dignitaries at our occasional breakfasts. I was looking forward to this morning, as the Deities all know I certainly need to step off the escalator for a few hours for some friendly faces, but this morning simply isn’t it. I had originally scheduled breakfast this morning, perhaps with Steve Thompson, Ron Wright but definitely Marty, but last evening I received a phone call which changed all that. I’ve got to head out the door on business this morning, EARLY.

Even my saintly wife seems to understand. She also has come to live with that nefarious phone ringing at odd hours of the day and night, because that is my day job, answering distressed or angry people on the phone with various computer network issues and calming their technical eccentricities down to a dull roar because I fix things.

Things like that happen in my day job.

I truly apologize if I made a mess out of someone else’s schedule, but I still have this larcenous relationship with income you see.

Peering ahead, I do have Friday morning available, if anyone is interested if Marty can schedule me in. That is, barring any further emergency calls.

This isn’t like the Phoenix Gatherings of old we once held, when we raucously filled up one end of the Pancake House on Francis with a band of miscreants, wags and poets, but simply a pair of old friends sitting down and talking about our observations, what we have read, politics of all flavors and various technical observations on life. Our breakfast meetings are like a pair of old, comfortable shoes that sit in the closet most of the time, until we truly need them for a walk, take them down, slip them on and eagerly go strolling down familiar pathways and occasionally commenting on how quickly the leaves are changing just as the bumper tomato and cucumber crop is in.

<sigh> Oh how I wish I could go to breakfast this morning. Marty is one of very few to whom I ascribe the tentative title of being my compass, and right now my compass is spinning in all directions. But perhaps Friday morning.


A few items…

Good morning, Netizens…

Ron_the_cop asked during a Wild Card:

“OK when’s the next breakfast meeting at your secret hide away?”

Funny you should mention that, Ron. The inestimable Mr. Hibbs and myself were planning to meet for breakfast at our usual covert location this morning, Wednesday, perhaps 8:00 o’clock for illuminating discussion, trenchant observations on world history and a competent and thorough analysis of the weather. Plus we may have additional discussions of literary merit regarding books we have read since our last meeting, which are, as always, biased and yet cogent.

These mini-Gatherings are, of course, open to the public although poorly-publicized. Most of the time, planning of these events consists of a phone call, either from Mr. Hibbs or myself to the other, announcing the need for breakfast. They invariably take place Tues-Thursday, although we do occasionally include Fridays, but NEVER on Mondays, because that never works with my schedule. 

I suppose we probably should schedule a true Gathering for a real public blow-out while the weather still remains in the realm of summer-like, but I will have to fit that into my hectic schedule somehow.

In other news, although she is too shy and reclusive to mention it much, lovely Jeanie of Spokane is planning her dialysis, which may be coming soon, and I encourage everyone to keep our fair consort in your prayers, mumblings to God and other reflections. I was going to suggest standing outside any given public facility asking for people to donate a kidney or two, but then realized Jeanie might not approve of such maneuvars on her behalf.

That is about all of the news that’s fit to retell this morning.



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