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Would you buy a GM from the government?

Good morning, Netizens…

I’m with David Horsey. I do not claim to understand our national economy, nor do I necessarily understand how it works. What little I do know of it you could put in an economic thimble, except for the fact I know when I’ve been truly screwed by watching my investments steadily, inexorably diminish in size and scope over the last year largely due to people like Bernie Madoff.

However, as Horsey’s cartoon this morning points out, suddenly our great nation may now be in charge of selling and marketing automobiles, and there may be more companies than GM, because Ford Motor Company may be the next in line to be absorbed by the government. Maybe not.

The question that rises up unwanted from my perspective is would I as a consumer buy a new vehicle from the government? Would I buy a new vehicle without a durable guaranty, a warranty not underwritten by a government entity?

I remember the two GM vehicles I have owned quite clearly. One came with no warranty whatsoever, because it was a 1955 GM 4X4 pickup whose time had come, and I rebuilt it and drove it for over five years. My second, a brand-new GMC 4X4 pickup purchased from Matt Lott GMC in Evanston, Wyoming, was perpetually in the shop for repairs under warranty, and eventually I got rid of it in favor of an older but more durable 4X4.

If our government suddenly assumes control of GM, I’m sorry, but that would not entice me to buy a new GM truck. No way. What about you?


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