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Is it ok to kill my neighbor for my car?

First, we have issues in Spokane with overuse of power; then the mayor says that police are not going to respond to personal property crimes; then we have to protect ourselves; then nutso people run rampage with guns and kill several children; then we start campaigning about the right to own firearms; then someone comes into our yard and steals our car (albeit, we enabled them by having the key in it and having it running); and finally, we shoot that person and kill them.  

And at the same time, a former mayoral candidate of Tuscon, Arizona has launched a prifately funded program to provide residents of crime-prone areas with free shotguns to protect themselves.

I have mixed emotions on this.  We should never lose our right to protect ourselves nor lose the right to bear arms.  Somehow, judgment needs to come into play.  

My heart goes out to all the families impacted by the event here in Spokane.  

What is the solution?  


Presidential Events Revealed…

A Belated Good Afternoon, Netizens…

In this cartoon presented by cartoonist David Horsey, it might appear as if he were doing no favors to the members of the National Rifle Association, since they ostensibly would approve of bringing guns to a Presidential event if not anywhere God-fearing, gun-packing citizens feel guns are necessary.

However, as someone who once had an elderly Aunt who was a registered member of the NRA, my first question would be, what about the Women of the NRA?

I guess if having a small penis is a prerequisite for bringing guns to a Presidential event, one could state with some degree of candor that some women figuratively do have small penises, too. Very small, that is.

At least we tentatively do understand who would bring guns to a Presidential event and can proceed on that basis.


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