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Obama before the nation 02/24/2009

Good morning, Netizens…

Did you watch Obama’s entire speech last night?

If you did not, you can read his speech in its entirety at

I made it a point, despite being overwhelmed all week long with toxic levels of overwork and stress, to sit through Obama’s speech before Congress, and although I was impressed after a fashion, where he succeeded, in my opinion, was that he engendered a feeling of HOPE that somehow he is going to successfully restore our national economy to some semblance of normalcy, and with it, the world economy.

Lest someone from the Right Wing view on life accuse me of bias, I hereby admit it openly and willingly. I come from the Grey-Bearded generation of folks who once traveled extensively in the Deep South and witnessed first-hand the horrific racial assaults, the imbalances of justice—in short, everything about the racial dividing line that once was there, and I have lived with those memories and shame for decades because I did not get involved. When I look at Barak Obama, President of the United States, and his family I cannot help but well up with tears because this is a new generation of Black Americans who can, as Obama has stated, have equality and hope for the future for all Americans, regardless of their racial makeup. It’s been a long time coming.

I am glad of it. I am proud to live in a time when such things as his Presidency can happen. I simply hope with every bit of my heart he can steer us a course safely through all the trials and tribulations we still have yet to face, beginning with our economy, the warlike stance of Iran, the combined wars of Iraq and Afghanistan and restoring America’s confidence.

Thus, once for all, I admit a certain bias where Obama is involved. That and I am feeling the beginnings of hope. Perhaps we can do this!


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