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The modern-day militia?

Good afternoon, Netizens…

Here we have an AP picture of eight of the nine members of the Hutaree Militia who were arrested by the FBI and charged with various and assorted crimes. Since this is well outside the Spokane area, I originally read the article(s) involved with their alleged plans and after a small bit of research into what the news media are calling Christian Warriors, an old memory came swirling out of my past to me unexpectedly, hailing back to December of 1984 on Whidbey Island.

Since I hold a certain fondness for the place, I was on Whidbey Island that fateful day having just completed a business venture in Seattle and having a peaceful breakfast at a small cafe on the Island, reading the morning paper and mentally preparing myself for the long trip home. Suddenly, there were heavily-armed federal agents down the road, road blockades were in place and within an hour or so a house was afire, and the man the FBI had sought, Robert J. Matthews, died in the conflagration.

I never forgot the members of The Order, nor the people they killed in the name of their whacked-out religious beliefs. In fact, I have come to increasingly expect that other similar groups based upon the Christian Identity or militia movements would strike again.

I know very little about the Hutaree Militia, save for the fact they targeted police officers who they believed were “foot soldiers” of law enforcement, federal law enforcement agencies and anyone who opposes the Hutaree Militia viewpoint. They ostensibly planned to kill at least one police officer and then when hundreds of other officers showed up to attend the funeral, have a killing field.

This is not the work of Jesus Christ. In fact, the only civilized aspect of this macabre situation is that police were quickly able to make the arrests without anyone being injured or killed.


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