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Peace in Iraq? Why SURE!

Good afternoon, Netizens…

Tomorrow, June 30, Americans will withdraw from Iraqi cities, a first giant step toward the planned winding down of the War in Iraq. In this AP picture, Iraqis are already celebrating in the parks and on the streets. Why are they celebrating?

Some suggest it is because they are well-rid of the Evil Empire of the United States. Others, perhaps more sensibly, suggest that now the United States has left Iraqi cities, they are once more free to resume their bloody factional religious warfare free of anyones interference.

Does the United States leaving Iraq’s cities mean there will be peace in that country?

Why sure. Whatever would make you think otherwise?


The shorter trip…

Good evening, Netizens…

It is obvious Spring is drawing close upon us. If not the obscenely-raucous hordes of robins in my front yard, then it has to be the appearance of what I term utterly illiterate Comcast outsourced sales people needing a shave and a haircut, one of whom came to my door this week. They, of all signs of Spring appearing in the Pacific Northwest, annually ignore the large sign posted on the front of the house that says DO NOT DISTURB. That sign seems to work for all the other mentally feather weight sales people who are trying to sell everything from windows to insurance. Most literate, sensible people read the sign, which is right by the doorbell, and wisely decide to leave without touching the button. Even Mormon missionaries and other religious affiliations can read.

Comcast, however, cannot read or, at least have indicated they do not care what I want. After I verbally removed the obligatory half-inch of flesh from the Hippy-looking dude using less than three conjunctions, he left, only to encounter Foghorn, who removed yet another inch of his hide, brandishing her yard rake in his face. After his third attempt when Mr. Igor, who also has a sign, asked if he had anyone in his family who could read, the poor itinerant salesman skipped our block in search of better pastures. Yes, I do believe Spring is here now.

Normally when Spring arrives, one of the first things on my personal agenda is to go ride a good sorrel mare I know into the Alpine pastures between Hunters and Springdale and check out a friend’s spring calves. There is no one there but me, a gentle horse and lots of white-faced calves drifting around the pasture, the youngest which occasionally pause for mid-air refueling when the mood strikes their fancies.

However, after reading the New York Times Online, I am semi-seriously contemplating taking a tour of historic places in Iraq before I saddle up my horse. At the following URL it seems tourism has come to Iraq. Yes, you heard me right. Tourism in Iraq.

It seems a British citizen has formed a tour company that travels to ancient places in Iraq nearly all of which hail before the time of Christ. On second thought, after reading the disclaimers on the web site, perhaps I’m better off hiding in a high meadow on the back of a good horse.


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