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She’s ALIVE! She’s ALIVE!

Good morning, Netizens…


I doubt if anyone in the free world, short of Mitt Romney, knows that our own Jeanie of Spokane has been under the weather lately. However, just in the last sixty days or so, Jeanie has had both her kidneys removed by the trained malamute sled dog surgeons at Scared Heart Hospital. Despite my concern over her having this procedure done, I understand it has resolved one minor issue. She no longer has to wait in line outside the womens' restroom to pee when attending high-powered social events at the Opera House in Spokane. Of course there is that matter of having dialysis performed every few days, which I understand she uses to catch up on her reading.


No sooner than she had kissed her kidneys goodbye, however, she discovered she had a malfunction of her heart, and last week she had open heart surgery. EEK! It goes to show how naive I am about such things, because I was astounded when she was released from the hospital and allowed to return home in just four days.


I have since spoken to her and am pleasantly surprised she is alert and doing well, aside from still unable to lift weights, run in decathlons, or compete as an athlete. Oh, and she doesn't have a sternum quite yet. To his credit, her significant other and Chief Bodyguard, Mechanic Man, is successfully tending to various household duties, and has scarcely left her side since she first entered the House of Pain.


I don't even know if she is capable of sitting down at the computer and reading this light-hearted bit of reverie, but I am delighted with her progress thus far.



Jeanie prepares for open-heart surgery…

Good evening, Netizens…


You might think, given all the various health maladies that have stricken me in the last two years, that I might hold a very special place in my heart for Jeanie of Spokane, who has served with her gentle nature and distinction as my “strong right arm” here at Community Comment going on four years. Each time my aging fat body showed signs that it was on the rough edge of termination, Jeanie was always there, prayers in hand, and urging me in all the right ways. I have always sought to replicate her kindnesses, and even when she had her kidneys removed, there didn't really seem to a time and place to repay her.


I believe the time has arrived. Jeanie is in Scared Heart Hospital tonight awaiting open heart surgery, not something one might take lightly after having had her kidneys both removed.


All I can suggest is, that if you, such as I, hold a special place in your heart for Jeanie, please include her in your prayers to whatever deity you prefer, and hold her close to your thoughts. She has proven herself to be a tough and resilient creature, but right now she needs all the prayers that we can offer.

I sppke by phone with her tonight, and she informs me she cannot accept flowers or visitors due to the various infections both entail. Otherwise I would be up there in the House of Pain with her, for rthat is the very least I could do.

Get well, soon, Jeanie, and thank you one and all.


Jeanie is back home!!!!

Good morning, Netizens…

There have been times in my life which always stand out above other memories, and perhaps the glowing memories of my incredible friends are among the best memories that feed me, console me and keep me warm in cold times. This morning, I received one friend back safely from her trip to Disney World, and word of an old friend, Art Cline, who for a time has been simply listed as missing in action, who once played an important role in my life. Wouldn’t you know it that Jeanie of Spokane brought Art back into my fold of friends after he retired to Florida?

I admit freely I was fearful for Jeanie when she left for Disney World. She was recently inducted into the macabre otherworldly experience of kidney dialysis, and the thought of entrusting her beauty and consciousness to strangers in a far-off state with her health care scared the Bejesus out of me. So many things could go wrong, so many different ways she could encounter problems with her dialysis, and for a time she was so frail that I simply worried. I have a license to sleep with my wife each night and a learner’s permit to worry.

What I didn’t know was that an old friend and one of my personal counselors, Art Cline, was staying with Jeanie, sleeping on the couch in a condo full of women (boy, doesn’t that sound salacious?), and each morning rising at 5:00 AM to escort Jeanie to her dialysis program, where he waited until she was done, then escorting her safely to the Disney World. While there is perhaps more to this story than I am being told, nonetheless despite Art’s having already won the Congressional Medal of Honor as a helicopter pilot in Viet Nam, they should now give him another award for service and honor to Jeanie.

I am so glad to have Jeanie back in our midst, that when I heard about Art I sat here and bawled because I am a sentimental old poop, and because, if I had it in my means to do so, I would have done what he did. There are facts and then there are myths and legends. Legend has it that Art single-handedly fought off the evil of the world and sent Jeanie safely back home to us and then left her in tears as he walked back out the door of life.

Jeanie, my God, but you have been missed! Welcome home!


I dream of Jeanie…

Good morning, Netizens…

I awoke just now, dreaming of Jeanie with the light red hair. This week, Jeanie is wandering in a delightful mini-vacation in Disney World in Florida while getting her dialysis done on a regular basis with the assistance of an extended library of friends. When Jeanie is absent from Community Comment for very long, I truly miss hearing her voice on the phone, or seeing messages she has posted, but now that she is clear across the country and completely out of touch, I miss her more than words can tell.

It takes a great deal of spirit to fight kidney disease, but I would imagine it takes even more than courage to wander through Disney World with friends, occasionally having dialysis performed in in a strange place, while cohabiting with with Mickey, Minnie Mouse and Goofy. She does not seem to have any limitations when it comes to her friends and loved ones, which is perhaps what Jeanie is all about. She and her merry band of friends planned, scrimped and saved up for this trip and nothing, not even kidney disease, would keep her from her appointed rounds. There has to be an inner child in Jeanie, that drives her onward.

I remember our first meeting as if it were yesterday, on a summer’s day in Franklin Park. We both were healthy back then, I had no trace of diabetes and she no evidence of kidney disease, and she, Mechanic Man and I sat in the shade talking about writing, about how our great dreams were unfolding. Somehow I knew, beyond a question of a doubt, that we would write together often, as we do now, and that we would never forget our heritage of journalism.

Somehow, I never anticipated the courageousness with which she would eventually deal with kidney disease, nor did I foresee that she and I would eventually end up harnessed in this other-worldly experience we share as Community Comment.

She ostensibly will be back home by week’s end, and we can only hope she returns hale and eager to tell us about her trip to Disney World, as she promised me she would.


Jeanie facing tough times…

Good afternoon, Netizens…

In case you hadn’t heard it from other sources, I have spent part of today worried about my counterpart, Jeanie of Spokane, who is being evaluated today for a possible kidney transplant. Being somewhat bull-headed about my health myself, I guess I fully understand why Jeanie has been so closed-mouth about her ongoing battle for survival, but since she broke word about what she is facing in her own blog yesterday, at I guess I have the freedom to add a few chosen words about her battle of my own.

There are some days when I simply would let the day slide by without posting anything in Community Comment. Being by nature, a big-mouthed rascal, those days do not happen very often, but when they do, I inevitably get a phone call from Jeanie about one thing or another, and it challenges me to continue the battle for literary freedom, simply because she is out there, watching, listening and balancing what amounts sometimes as sheer zealotry.

I simply do not know what I would do without Jeanie. In so many ways she epitomizes that insatiable fire-eyed journalist that still breathes and lives in my soul, that has never died despite vast changes in my life and circumstances. It all seems to stem from a philosophical belief I have held for decades that, just when you need that strong right arm to help you face adversity, to give you the incentive to strive for achievements that appear untouchable, that key person can and will appear— if you believe.

Well, Jeanie, I believe. You have been an invisible but nonetheless vital source of vibrancy which has helped me “keep it together” for over a year and one-half of rising before the dawn each day to write a few brief lines for Community Comment. Those few of us who know you in real life as well in the Virtual Ballroom can and will support and uplift you in the spirit of love and friendship as you begin the road back to continuous health.

My thoughts and prayers are with you always.

Dave and friends…

One more week to go!

Good morning, Netizens…

Thus we begin week two of Jeanie-deprivation and she is serving out a sentence as a juror-candidate for our own beloved malformed justice system. Of course, while she is thus engaged, she is forbidden from being active on the Internet and a host of other activities in which she might express an opinion. God forbid that anyone should ever attempt to limit Jeanie’s opinions of life! I do not know if I could sustain this operation most of you know as Community Comment without her strong right arm, always at the ready to jump in and lend an opinion where one is needed.

We have one more week to go, and then look out!

Things have been terribly sedate without her around.


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