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Dennis Hession running for Council President…

Good evening, Netizens…


Dennis Hession has thrown his hat into the ring of potential candidates running for City Council President, and once again, it seems as if Spokane is unwilling or unable to learn from its own history. Given that Hession has a long and interesting history in Spokane political circles, but is HE the man to replace the existing Council President Joe Shogun or will he continue Shogun's maniacal reign into the future?


How many lawyers does it take to make a good City Council President? None Make the City Attorney earn his wages and make the Council President in charge of seeking the truth.


Some have said that Joe Shogun has considerably reined in the public input sessions during City Council meetings to a point of non-importance. That might be true, so long as you disagree with how Joe thinks things should be. If you happen to disagree with Joe, chances are good that you will be unable to ask any further questions or voice disbelief with what is going on as Shogun will gavel you into submission. Ask George McGrath. I fear Dennis Hession probably will build on the record Joe Shogun has built as his legacy.


Thus far Steve Corker and Ben Stuckart are in the race for Council President, although I do wonder if anyone else will rise to the top of the political pile. The more the merrier, I say. Of course, your results may differ.



Joe pops a cork, recesses the council…,

Good morning, Netizens…


Occasionally Spokesman-Review writer Jonathan Brunt hits a news story dead on, and in this morning's paper, his coverage of last night's City Council meeting just about got the job done. The Red Light scenario, of putting red light cameras on as many intersections as possible, has both its proponents and its detractors. What is unfortunate, however, is that the Spokesman was the only member of the news media to pay even a pittance of attention to last night's City Council meeting, and the resulting brouhaha between mouthpiece Council President Joe Shogun and George McGrath over new red light cameras.


What's at stake are red light cameras at four proposed new intersections, and statistics which George McGrath asserts the red light programs are actually cash cows, and that other cities involved in the program have pulled out for a variety of reasons. Sergeant Joe immediately called a recess to the meeting and returned armed with police statistics which he insists show otherwise.


“You’re frickin’ wrong,” Shogan told McGrath after presenting the police statistics.


Wait a minute here. Who, besides a few members of the City Council and various heads of state in the Spokane Police Department actually trusts Spokane police statistics?


Suffice it to say that I doubt if venerable George McGrath, who seems to have this fetish to attend most City Council meetings where he keeps a sharp eye on proceedings, not to mention any expenses which strike his attention, trusts any statistics from City Hall, let alone the Police Department.


Kudos to Mr. Brunt for covering a story which apparently no one else in the Spokane news media either wanted to cover or felt worthwhile.



Depose King Joe?

Good morning, Netizens…

All I have to do is mention the name King Joe and nearly three-quarters of the people reading this already know of whom I speak, and perhaps half have already witnessed one of King Joe’s acidic tirades from his throne atop the dais of the City Council chamber. However, Joe Shogan is a known (some say a feared) factor when it comes to dealing with the City Council when it comes to public input.

However Spokesman’s Shawn Vestal does a pretty good job of portraying Joe in a column this morning at and he doesn’t mince a lot of words about it. That sort of surprises me, because I never heard anyone directly take on Joe Shogan in print before, but that wouldn’t stop me from crying out my huzzahs, either.

There was a time not that many years ago when the Public Input sessions during the City Council meetings were interesting. People from a broad range of opinions, likes and dislikes, and a plethora of political affiliations all waited in line to speak their piece before the Council. Some of these people came better-prepared than most of the Council members.

Who could forget George McGrath waving the documents he had acquired from the City of Spokane railing about the potential long-term costs of River Park Square to the taxpayers? As the history turned out, George was spot-on, and those of us who remember those days fondly will ever forget George for that.

Will anyone remember King Joe as anything other than a tyrannical popinjay lawyer who has tossed more citizens out of his City Council chambers than anyone in history? Will history reflect, instead, that King Joe was a kindly, benevolent Council President who treated citizens with the respect and the dignity they deserve? Probably not.

In my opinion, King Joe needs a new job. There is a lot of corruption and graft in City Hall these days, and the citizens should have the right to object.

Depose King Joe. He is an embarrassment to Spokane.


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