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Happy Birthday…

Good morning, Netizens…

Yesterday, the Fourth of July, 2009, the true source of our nation’s liberty largely went unnoticed, in lieu of fireworks, camping trips, day-long voyages to Riverfront Park and other entertainment venues. July Fourth is a multi-billion dollar deal, increasing each year in size and scope as each new generation is inducted into the annual fracas and yet it seems each year we get further and further from the original composition of Liberty.

The Fourth of July is, or once was, a series of traditions that have been honored over the decades. Long before the advent of fireworks and vast community celebrations, people simply hung our American flag on their houses to celebrate the freedoms we now enjoy and spent time in meditation and prayer.

Yesterday, as the sun slowly rose over the City of Spokane, rather than trundle ourselves off to Riverfront Park, we solemnly hung our flag on the front of the house, and then in the quiet of the afternoon, I sat down and read our Declaration of Independence, contemplating what the Founding Fathers had written down 233 years ago as their blueprint for our country, and as the heat of the day stacked itself like so much cordwood, I also contemplated the number of brave Americans who, since that time, have given their lives so that we might live as free citizens in our country.

I freely admit being a sentimental old poop, an idealist after a fashion, and attempt to be a patriotic citizen, although in my long life I have sometimes fallen far short of that. However, for yesterday and all it implies, I spent the majority of it listening carefully to these words from the past, and remembering the men who lay the platform for our great nation.

Then, as the sun settled slowly into the west last night, with tears streaming down my aged cheeks, we carefully took down Old Glory, reverently remembering how it once was. Then I copied the words which set forth our country, and quietly retired for yet another day.

Happy Birthday, America.

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