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Was Gadhafi evil?

Good morning, Netizens…


There is an abiding battle occurring around the world, even here in Spokane, between good and evil. In my years of writing for Community Comment, I have spoken of it with some degree of hesitation, lest I become overly enamored of hearing myself reiterate the same message over and over again. As much as I would like to believe that essential goodness is winning in the race for domination, it does seem, at times, as if evil is still holding all the trump cards, given the number of tyrants, dictators and various other persons who would do evil as part of their domination of their portions of the world.


While I do not always agree with cartoonist David Horsey's point of view, I do have to state with absolute conviction that he often states opinions which truly need to be heard, whether you nor I are accepting of them or in agreement thereto. This morning, he depicts Gadhafi in death, by stating all tyrants stand on shifting sand which, when you come to think of it, is both pretty concise and accurate.


The rest of living life as a tyrant is how long you manage to survive before someone bigger comes along and puts you out of commission. So the real question about life and living is are we willing to stand on that evil foundation of shifting sand or do we always search for the solid ground of goodness?


Libya's future seems all the more uncertain despite Gadhafi's death. Of course your interpretation of this may differ.



Is Gadhafi dead?

Good morning, Netizens…


Pandemonium is the order of the day in Libya, which comes as no surprise, given their high level of political unrest. However this morning, depending upon your trusted news service, Muammar Gaddafi has either been captured and seriously wounded, perhaps in his legs, or from other sources, may already be dead. CNN at 5:35 AM local time just showed a picture ostensibly from AFP, of Gaddafi's dead body. His death was also independently verified by CNN, which brings us no closer to the truth.


All I can say is “good riddance”. Your results, of course, may differ.



When the news becomes relevant…

Good evening, Netizens…

If the Obama administration had chosen to ignore the potential massacre of the rebels in Libya, Republicans would right now be having a field day, condemning him for weakness and moral cowardice. The deafening howls of outrage from the Republicans would make the evening news ring like a gong.

Now on the other hand, if the president were a Republican and had organized the international coalition that stopped Muammar Gaddafi’s forces in their tracks, Republicans would right now be cheering him in the streets, and unquestionably attempting to wire him/her up for a certain reelection a year and one half from now.

Instead, Republicans in Congress are biting at Barack Obama’s Libyan efforts at every turn. They seem more interested in defeating Obama now than they are defeating Gaddaffi's forces.

The national news, it seems, is all who and what you believe. Of course, your results may differ.


This is progress… right?

Good morning, Netizens…


We seem to be in a quagmire in Libya, or so cartoonist David Horsey suggests. We are either damned if we do or damned if we don't. We cannot simply turn our backs on Gaddafi and allow him to continue killing his own people; but now that we're engaged in the No Fly Zone, just how do we get out of yet another war?


According to President Obama we are not going to be sending U.S. troops into Libya, which is probably a very astute idea on its own right. On the other hand, will the No Fly Zone prevent further killings? I am very uncertain whether the No Fly Zone will actually work, resulting in Gaddafi leaving Libya in his rear view mirror. According to several different news sources, his decision is probably not about money, as Gaddafi is worth millions of dollars already.


As we enter the sixth day of what is an undeclared war on Gaddafi coalition forces bombed a hospital in Misrata. Ostensibly the members of the No Fly Zone bombed the coalition forces into smithereens and the shelling of the hospital stopped .. for now. According to several news sources, the hospital is now eking out a strained existence on a standby generator as there is no electricity available.


This begs the issue whether this is the “humanitarian” solution President Obama had in mind, much less the United Nations when the bombing of selective targets in Libya first began.


President Obama has promised that he will discuss the duration of the bombing and its cost, perhaps within days. Congress, particularly the Republican side of the aisle, are discontented with the U.S. involvement in the No Fly Zone and want answers to some of their pointed questions.


It does seem to be a quandary of a multi-hued variety. Of course, your results may differ.



Libya teetering on the edge…

Good morning, Netizens…

We had the opportunity to take Moammar Gadafi's regime down, put it out of power, in 1996 but we couldn't get the job done. Perhaps now it is too late, as some animals will not be put down without a fight. Gadhafi appears to have lost the support of at least one major tribe, several military units and his own diplomats, including Libya’s ambassador in Washington, Ali Adjali. Deputy U.N. Ambassador Ibrahim Dabbashi accused the longest-serving Arab leader of committing genocide against his own people in the current crisis.

Libya's second-largest city Benghazi purportedly is in protesters’ control and its capital, Tripoli, is in a state of chaos and pandemonium. Pro-Gadhafi gunmen are purportedly firing from moving cars and even shooting at the facades of homes to terrify the population.

Now that Gadafi is all but cornered, according to David Horsey, like some wild animals, it appears Gadafi will not be put down without a fight. Of course, your results may differ…


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