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The Bonding…

Good morning, Netizens…

Until yesterday it has been decades since I last attended an old-fashioned marriage ceremony. Please note I did not use the word wedding, for that implies the surreal episodes of semi-lackadaisical frolics that precede the ceremony, more white lace than any other events held in a church, far more flowers than are needed for state funerals and the semi-lucid alcoholic overindulgences that follow the reception. Normally the actual ceremony that accompanies these events is anti-climactic, terse and typically quite predictable.

The minister at yesterday’s marriage had a coy sense of humor, that crept into the otherwise serious and somewhat lengthy ceremony, like an uninvited but gleefully-accepted friend dropping by the house for a visit. In his comments, the elderly minister stated to the groom, “this is no piece of hamburger you have here. This is prime rib, and you need to understand this.”

Fairly glistening in her white wedding gown, her face glowing with that mysterious radiance that spread from face-to-face among the onlookers, the lovely bride yesterday had struggled and fought a good fight to end up at the altar with a good man, but as bride and groom stood there before the minister, the battle was over, and a greater combat began.

Marriage is a process of bonding two lives into one, creating a world of give-and-take, and nothing could be closer to the truth in my opinion. In this complex and mind-altering world we live in, when you take two diverse lives and inexorably bond them into one flesh, one mind and one heart, you are asking a miracle to be performed. Given the statistics of marriage and divorce, it appears that sometimes the miracle simply fades over time. The bond falls asunder and the ugliness of divorce takes over.

In my most-quiet moments, if I had a simple prayer to say from this time forward, I would pray that my friend Mel and her newly-conjoined husband live long and prosperous lives, and that they have children who, someday may hear about how their mother and mother, stood before the altar, anxious to be off on their lives together, but willing to hear the admonishments and comments of an old minister full of wisdom.

Perhaps they will tell their children how, at the altar, Mel was a ‘piece of prime rib’ and should always be respected and loved. For if you build a marriage on solid rock, with just a twist of humor to make one smile when things get rough, they will live long and contented lives.


Upon being alone together…

Good afternoon, Netizens…

Today’s Picture of the Day, personally a favorite, shows former First Lady Nancy Reagan spending quiet time with her late husband, which brings me to my commentary on matrimony in the White House.

A blogger for the New York Times asked a question of her readers, one that I will pass onward to you. At asked about obsessions about Barack and Michelle Obama. She wondered whether a friend and her couldn’t possibly be the only ones dreaming, brooding or otherwise obsessing about the Obamas, and then she put that question to her readers.

There were, as you might suspect, a lot of fantasies about the Obama marriage. And I quote, “Barack and Michelle Obama look like they have sex. They look like they like having sex,” a Los Angeles woman wrote, summing up the comments of many. “Often. With each other. These days when the sexless marriage is such a big celebrity in America (and when first couples are icons of rigid propriety), that’s one interesting mental drama.”

The first thought that came into my mind, perhaps unwanted or at least unexpected was, I agree that Barack and Michelle probably were used to having sex frequently, or at least did until they moved into the uppermost circle of the White House, complete with Secret Service agents everywhere.

Yes, to answer you unspoken question, there are Secret Service agents just outside Barack and Michelle’s bedroom, ostensibly listening over audio devices to their every sound. This is in case, God forbid, that someone should ever manage to gain access to their bedroom and attack them as they sleep. Perhaps that is taking security a step one too far, but nonetheless, it is plausible that someone could invade their household and attack them at their most private moments in the White House.

I hold no such obsessions about the Obamas. My only visions of Michelle Obama is that she is a extremely beautiful woman of extreme discernment, a person whose graciousness has only begun to make itself evident in how she greets and deals with persons great and small who enter her new life as First Lady. I did wonder, however, how Michelle Obama internally has adapted to her new life in what I call the ultimate fishbowl, where her every statement, even in the paroxysms of having sex with her husband, are overheard. I wonder how she is adapting to the circumstance where she is never alone with her husband, and how long it will be before she wants to run away.

I couldn’t live in that fishbowl, simply because I have to have my private time, quiet time when no one else is around, even listening to me from outside my bedroom door. I would have to run away eventually, to someplace where only myself and my Beloved wife and I could hear ourselves whispering in the dark.

And yes, I hope that when both Barack Obama is gone from life, that both his wife will come and spend quiet time with each of us respectively. It might be the only time they will spend together alone together again.

When you and I are both gone, who will come to spend time in solitude with our memories?


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