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The race is still too close to call…

Good morning, Netizens…


Good journalists are never supposed to speculate on the news, but on the other hand, journalists have been speculating on the news for decades and their reputations seem none the worse for wear. If you believe this axiom, this is especially true of elections; no one ever should report an election until the last ballots have been counted, and the recount completed. History is full of instances where journalists reported what they thought was a sure thing only to eat their newsprint the next day or week.


Now we come to the political race between Queen Mary Verner and David Condon which, if you adhere to the latest ballot count, puts Condon ahead of Verner by a small percentage of the ballots tabulated as of yesterday evening. Someone asked me if Queen Mary had conceded the race yet, perhaps thinking I had a magic ball that would grant me hitherto unseen powers and thus allow me to predict this contentious race.


In another dimension of time and space, perhaps, I would be holding desperately onto the vision of Queen Mary Verner handing over her ostensible crown to victor, Mayor-elect David Condon, but probably not today. Who is to say what the ballot count will be? That, my fine friends, requires speculation. At this point in time, it does appear as if Queen Mary Verner will descend from the throne, yet another victim of the one-term-mayor syndrome that has so afflicted Spokane in past years. According to every known news source I have read, hardly anyone gives Queen Mary Verner a chance to beat Condon at this late time in history.


It could go the “other way”, with Queen Mary winning the election, but I do not see it happening. Some have suggested this is the influence of the Ghost of Otto Zehm from his kiosk in the Great Ballroom of Community Comment, as we have many ghosts in our ballroom who regularly tinker with life. Others have suggested Mayor Verner winning the election would be a statistical anomaly, a fluke, if you will.


So the verdict regarding Verner-vs-Condon is not in yet. We probably won't know for certain until Monday, if then. Your results and opinions, of course, may differ.



Queen Mary stonewalls KREM-2…

Good morning, Netizens…

Photo: KREM-2 News. Not in my face you don't!

According to KREM.COM's web site, Queen Mary Verner still has a terse “no comment” regarding Tim Durkin's statements made about her Frequently Asked Questions.


In court documents filed on September 28th, Federal Prosecutor Tim Durkin accused Mayor Verner of handing out “patently false statements” in the Zehm case. Durkin referenced a list of frequently asked questions handed out by Mayor Verner at a news conference on September 9th that said City of Spokane attorneys met with Federal Prosecutors in 2009. In court documents Durkin said that meeting never happened.


KREM 2 News crews tried three times in two days to get a response from the City of Spokane, including an attempted interview outside Truth Ministries where Queen Mary was appearing Friday night.


According to—130898193.html KREM also attempted to interview Rocky Treppiedi and Howard Delaney (who were listed on the FAQ sheet as having attended the meeting in 2009 with Federal Prosecutors) on Friday about whether or not they attended a meeting with the Federal Prosecutors, but their receptionist said they had no comment. 


Stonewalling is no answer. Queen Mary, Rocky Treppiedi and Howard Delaney need to step up to the microphone and state what they know.



Did Queen Mary tell a whopper?

Good afternoon, Netizens…


It is entirely one thing when I, a lowly author of a Blog, takes Mayor Mary Verner to task for some of her perceived errors and gaffes, even tampering with her title by calling her “Queen Mary”. However, as of this morning we have an Assistant U.S. Attorney, Tim Durkin in a brief calling Queen Mary on the carpet over a so-called press conference held September 9, in front of City Hall.


It seems portions of the Frequently Asked Questions which were unveiled by Queen Mary during her impromptu Press Conference were outright fabrications. As you may recall Queen Mary called a harried press conference to discuss the City's options regarding the Otto Zehm case. She refused, at that time, to answer any questions, referring members of the press to her list of published Frequently Asked Questions, instead.


According to the Center For Justice web site, Durkin asserts that “several of the publicly disseminated “FAQ” statements are patently false and inaccurate, including representations by city attorneys that they ‘met with’ DOJ officials after receiving a June 15, 2009, e-mail outlining DOJ concerns, inter alia, with conflicts of interest within the city attorney’s offices and interferences with the DOJ’s ongoing investigation.”


It gets even better. It seems that, according to Durkin, such a meeting never took place. The Department of Justice sent an e-mail stating they were eager to meet with Mayor Verner, Police Chief Anne Kirkpatrick, and Council President Joe Shogan. Unfortunately that e-mail never made it to either of the three, and City Attorney Howard Delaney has refused comment about where the e-mails ran amiss. The City of Spokane should hire former detective Ron Wright to investigate how e-mail sent to City Hall seems to develop a selective lifelessness of its own.


Furthermore, citing the FAQ's printed by Queen Mary's unfettered press, the same FAQ answer by the City succinctly sets aside the conflict issue this way: “The court found no issues of conflict or impropriety on the part of the City.” Durkin responds to that by saying, “(N)o court has yet considered, reviewed, and/or addressed any city attorney’s actions-conduct in this matter.” In other words, Queen Mary got caught telling one or more whoppers by an Assistant U.S. Attorney.


You might think this close to an election even Queen Mary would be more circumspect about her speeches and shut down her unfettered press, as such actions might be construed as impromptu and ill-conceived.



The truth about Otto Zehm begins to emerge…

Good evening Netizens…


We have been bystanders for over five years as the Otto Zehm homicide has inexorably ground its way through the news, and until recently we were none the better-informed for it. All we knew for a certainty was that an innocent man was beaten to death and asphyxiated by a group of cops in a Zip Trip Store. Fortunately, there were damning videotapes which showed the grisly beating, and the total lack of violent behavior on Zehm's part. Every time anyone got too close to the truth of the matter, they were either ignored entirely or the City Government sought to nullify their actions and words.


Our own Mayor, who I gleefully call Queen Mary, for her imperious, high-handed manner of governance, has apparently sought to sweep the entire affair beneath the rug. The reign of terror hardly stops there, which is more a condemnation of our City Government than other incidents of the past involving our Spokane Police Department. There is no lack of corruption in City Hall, nor in the Police Department. So it doesn't surprise me in the least that our Chief of Police Anne Kirkpatrick and Assistant Chief Jim Nicks are both bailing out of the Police Department while the chances are still good they might get away unscathed.


Chief Kirkpatrick has made no bones about the fact she was leaving, and has bid on several jobs in other police jurisdictions in the past. Unfortunately, the Spokane Police Guild cast a vote of “no confidence” in her leadership just days after federal documents revealed that Nicks had reversed his earlier statements and was expected to testify against Karl Thompson, the man who ceaselessly beat Otto Zehm that ill-fated night.


Now that the zipper has been unzipped from City Hall, and various other elements of government, we can see the filthy hands of Ernie Wuthrich, the head of the Police Guild, is not necessarily working toward justice for all. Rocky Treppiedi, like Wuthrich, works for his own designs, best-known for suing citizens who have an ordinary grievance with City Hall. More sweeping goes on in City Hall in 2008 and 2009 when Rocky Treppiedi, according to court records, begins preparing “the majority” of Spokane police officers for testimony before the federal grand jury and debriefs them afterward about what they said. This also includes non-police witnesses.


Too little too late, Queen Mary announces in a press conference that she will be conducting a full internal and external review of the city’s handling of the case of Otto Zehm. Why did she wait so long? Was this the power the Police Guild has over Queen Mary?


Wait until the criminal trial works its way onto the federal Court docket. There may be other surprises which wait unseen, and other names may come into play. Perhaps Queen Mary will descend from the throne of the City of Spokane and somehow manage to put a good face on all the corruption.


Of course, your results may differ.



When will the guilty be held accountable?

Good evening, Netizens…

At some considerable risk of having this message zotted by my handlers, I am going to post this message from former Sheriff Tony Bamonte to Tim Durkin, Assistant United States Attorney for the Eastern District of Washington. I am posting it verbatim, in its entirety, in the hopes that others might read and carefully consider Mr. Bamonte's impeccable comments regarding the murder of Otto Zehm. I knew from the beginning that something was horribly wrong about the initial police version of what had transpired, and recent developments make me even more certain we were misled from the beginning.

So, without further ado, here is former Sheriff Tony Bamonte's letter:

Dear Mr. Durkin:

Please accept this correspondence as a formal complaint against the following people: Spokane Mayor Mary Verner, Spokane Police Chief Anne Kirkpatrick, Spokane City Attorney Howard Delaney, and assistant city attorney Rocky Trepeddi. I am making my complaint to you because of your involvement and knowledge about the Zehm case. I ask that you forward this complaint to the attorney general for his approval. I believe you already have strong evidence to prove that, in harmony with each other, the above community leaders have conspired to mislead and have deceived the public for over five years. This concerns what appears to be the brutal killing of an innocent citizen by a police officer. The evidence of this has been overwhelming and exceptionally clear. I am especially concerned about Mayor Verner’s conduct in the case. In her position she is the only public official in the city with the power to remove the city attorney and the police chief for criminal behavior, yet, to this date, has taken no action of any kind.

Most important, in the positions each of these officials occupy, it was their duty to find and know the truth and protect the public. Instead, I allege each one of them knew the truth, yet in violation of their oaths and with complete disregard for the public’s welfare, publicly lied and concealed this felony crime. Further, I believe that the officers involved had to have been directed by their legal council to lie. The complicity of Mayor Verner and Chief Kirkpatrick is profound. Their failure to know the facts behind this case is unbelievable as they are both attorneys involved in one of Spokane’s largest scandals. Why would the mayor of Washington’s second largest city, make the public statement “In my opinion, … I just don’t think that the behavior of the officer rose to criminal behavior”?

In her position, this was a criminal act and violation of her oath of office in a direct attempt to deceive the public. I am a 25-year veteran of law enforcement, having served eight years on the Spokane Police Department and 12 years as the elected sheriff of Pend Oreille County. Consequently, I clearly recognize how government works, who will have the facts as fast as they become available, and who makes the decisions in high-profile cases such as this. This constitutes a number of criminal acts and is willful and wanton disregard for the safety of our community by Mayor Verner.

There is an established pattern of Spokane’s public officials lying to the public and committing serious crimes that go uncharged or prosecuted. Now, you have irrefutable evidence that Spokane’s top officials have became part of a cover-up by our police department of a senseless killing. It appears they will not have to answer for their crimes. It looks that Deputy Nicks struck a deal to protect the main suspects. I hope that’s not the case.

Again, please accept this letter as a formal complaint to investigate and charge these public officials with violating whatever laws they have broken – the list is long.


Tony Bamonte



Can Queen Mary beat the history of re-election?


Good morning, Netizens…


The preliminary results are in for the primary election and Queen Mary Verner has taken a substantial lead over David Condon by 61% of the votes for Verner compared to Condon's 32%. The voters have spoken, and have chosen to ignore Mayor Verner's culpability and/or knowledge of the Otto Zehm affair. In a low-news-week, that by itself would be significant, but the voters do not seem to remember Otto Zehm as much as remembering our Mayor's deft avoidance of what she knew, when she knew it, and her involvement with the Spokane police involved in Zehm's murder.


Of course, I'll never forget the deplorable condition we currently find our city budget in these days. Or the dreadful mess of snow removal and street repair. But I have Queen Mary's masterful manipulation of City Hall public relations to convince me these are both minor issues.


If she is elected next November, it would break the unspoken rule that most Spokane Mayors in the past have been elected for one term.


This could be one of the most interesting mayoral elections in many years. Then I am also closely watching the Fagan-McKereghan results for City Council, as well, as I informally interviewed McKereghan some time back and found her to be an intellectual heavyweight in a town seemingly filled with mediocre political hacks. Of course, your results may differ.



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