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Beauty is as beauty does…

Good morning, Netizens…

On an otherwise inauspicious day in the Month of May, here we have our picture of the day, Miss California Carrie Prejean featured with The Donald, AKA Donald Trump who, after all, owns the Miss Universe Contest. This picture was taken at the news conference where The Donald announced that Prejean would retain her title as Miss California despite a number of slight irregularities that had taken place.

Aside from the near-nude photographs taken when she was a younger woman, to a series of openly-hostile statements made about gay marriage, there were allegations that Prejean was unfit to serve in her role as Miss Universe, should she win the competition.

I never watch the Miss Universe Competition, since in my humble opinion, given Miss Prejean’s artificially-whitened teeth, beast implants (performed just before the competition) and artificially enhanced hair, I see no reason to change my beliefs on beauty contests and their contestants.

It only begins there. All the Gods and Goddesses we worship daily on our television sets are for the most part, in most cases, just as false and do not have a shred of the original grace they were born with. We uplift the clinically beautiful over the humdrum and plain in nearly every aspect of our lives and ignore whether they have been “retouched” by modern technology. God forbid anyone should suffer from physical infirmities or become “old”. Young and beautiful win the prizes.


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