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Forecasting the future…


Good evening, Netizens…


It has been highly popularized that we should attempt to predict the future as we pass by the New Year, and cartoonist David Horsey has depicted poor old Uncle Sam getting his fortune professionally told. Given the overwhelming burden of debt our country owes to the Chinese, much of what David Horsey has stated in this cartoon seems quite accurate.


Does this imply that our debt-burden is going to increase or decrease in the coming New Year? The more I thought about this, I cannot help but believe unless we, the people, take aggressive action to stop the constant purchasing of trade goods from China and various other Far Eastern bloc nations, and begin manufacturing more of the things we consume, matters will only tend to get worse, not better.


However, in order to accomplish that goal, one of the toughest high-level decisions our government will have to make is that of whether or not to pursue trade embargoes, which have never been popular since the advent of transistorized circuit boards back in the 70's. We would have to forgo products made by Panasonic, Sony, Sanyo and various other offshore manufacturers, all of whom are able to manufacture electronics at prices well below what U.S. manufacturers would cost for comparable products.


Not to mention the number of ongoing loans from China which have increasingly been used to balance our somewhat unstable national economy. I believe first we will have to come to grips with just how unstable our economy is. That, too, might be an unpopular decision.


Somehow we have to stop this invisible economic landslide before it, and our country, simply slide off the economic cliff, thus fulfilling the prediction of which David Horsey has depicted with such eloquence.



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