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We both take a shot from the doctors…


Good afternoon, Netizens…


With both Jeanie and I being somewhat out of commission over the last few weeks, things have been inordinately slow around Community Comments' hallowed halls. In case you didn't already know Jeanie was in the hospital for surgery and is currently back home recovering from having her kidneys removed. Just as I was recovering from from the loss of Jeanie, my strong right arm in the blogosphere, I received a kick in the pants of my own, as I am once more going to go see the cardiologist, and have been tangled up in that web of affairs, much the result of having had three heart attacks over the last fifteen years or so. I've heard it said that after the first heart attack, it doesn't seem to hurt as badly, and given my experiences, I think most of the pain is from seeing the cardiologist and/or his handlers. I once had a cardiologist who, while engaged in performing an angioplasty on my heart, spent most of the time he was thus engaged talking to his girlfriend (not his wife) on his cell phone. My, but that was reassuring.


Yes, I've had my share of bad experiences with the medical profession over the years, and especially cardiologists and other high-ended-handed specialists. In fact, my only good experiences with the medical profession have been two general practitioners, one who lost his license and most recently, one who isn't truly a doctor, but a nurse practitioner with uncommonly good skills and a gorgeous personality that makes one feel as if she were truly in my court.


I cannot complain. I am 65 years of age, which is older than dirt once you come to think of it, an unrepentant smoker (although working toward quitting once and for all) and a Type II Diabetic. Given the reckless manner in which I have lived throughout most of my life, some of the chances I have taken and the resulting implants I have in various parts of my anatomy, I often feel lucky that I am still among the living.


As I contemplate the upcoming trip to see the cardiologist, all I can think if is the tiny steam engine trying to climb a steep hill, repeating over and over again, “I think I can, I think I can”.


If Jeanie can endure all the woes present in her life, I think I can, too.



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