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Too Fat? Pay Double

From KHQ today:

United Airlines to start enforcing controversial weight policy

SPOKANE, Wash. - United Airlines is going to start enforcing a controversial policy when it comes to flying. The policy could get overweight people bumped off their flight.

Isn’t this something! First we have a woman that is the focus of millions of people around the world because (1) she is average looking on the plain side and (2) she has the most beautiful voice ever heard.

Now we have fat people having to pay double for seats on United Airlines are get off, big boy.

OK, it sounds like these are two different items – but actually it is one. It is the question of who decides what is “normal.” If I have bushy eyebrows, buck teeth, and a big nose – well, who’s to say that isn’t how God created man in the first place. It’s how He created me. Who said that “beauty” is thin eyebrows, straight teeth, and a small nose. How boring is that?!?

Same with “fat.” What if fat were in and thin was out. What if fat was synonymous with health and thin was sickly and frail.

And we’re talking about airline seats that were designed 40 years ago. They’re TOO SMALL!!! I’m 5‘2” and a little pudgy, not bad (again – could be normal; could be just right) and I’m uncomfortable belted into that crimping, squished, vice-like grip of the too-small seat. Make them bigger! And get off your high horse, United, you aren’t winning a beauty contest here, pun intended.


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