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Alas, poor Keith Hindman…

Good morning, Netizens…

Over a decade ago I met Dr. Keith Hindman of the former Deer Park Hospital as most people meet a doctor for the first time, as a patient. Dr. Hindman put me at ease in the first thirty seconds of our chance meeting in the Emergency Room of the former Deer Park Hospital, with a casual, friendly manner that bespoke of life in rural Stevens County rather than Spokane County. He was never nebulous, avoiding fifty dollar words that only a medical practitioner would understand, nor officious, like a doctor who is in a hurry to get to his next patient.

He explained my medical condition, helping me understand atrial fibrillation, and told me I would be hospitalized until that condition corrected itself. I drove myself to Deer Park during my first heart attack.

Almost immediately I knew Hindman had known heart issues of his own, for he admitted he had a stroke many years before that mildly affected his speech. Laying there on the gurney, however, with my poor chest doing a pitter-patter that sounded more like a tin drum being beaten by a demented man with a sledge hammer than normal heart rhythm, I trusted everything he said. That would change over time, for I have never cared for nor trusted a doctor since my childhood doctor who delivered babies in mountain shacks and salvaged bodies from mine accidents with equal ease.

What memories I have of that first face-to-face meeting was how gently and reverently his hands explored my poor broken body, for I already had many scars, even in those days, a fact Hindman did not miss.

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