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Just say NO…

Good morning, Netizens…

The news the last few weeks has been to put it bluntly, depressing. No, I’m not talking about the pile of Jello that our nation’s finances have turned into, although I could easily write two or three pages of raw vitriol about the impact a few millionaires have had on a lot of our lives. I have already tried, with some limited degree of success or failure to achieve journalistic ambivalence while writing about David Elton in jail, but it is hard to write news about someone you know. Then there are all the natural or man-made disasters that always crop up in the nation’s news wires, which are depressing by themselves. They don’t need my help today, although I have a 20 page analyses of the tornadoes that swept through the Midwest the other day that bears some serious consideration. We will get to that later.

But the one-two punch that has most caused me great depression and anxiety is the threat of the C word in the lives of two women with whom I am most-intimately involved. Cancer.

Perhaps the woman with whom I am most closely involved, other than my own beloved wife, is Jeanie that green-eyed red-headed woman I met many years ago at a picnic, a Gathering of the Phoenix Faithful. We held newsgroup Gatherings then, much as we do now although the circumstances are quite different today. Since Jeanie was a frequent voyeur and sojourner of that internet newsgroup, she and her significant other were there, and a friendship was formed.

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