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New Years Resolutions…

Good morning, Netizens…

I’ve always had the misfortune of having a birthday that fell on its prat between Christmas Day and News Years Eve, so without my consent, the day before New Years Eve I celebrated my birthday which, for those of you tracking such things, I am officially now older than dirt. It seems the older I get, the more reverence tinged with disgust I hold for each New Years Eve celebration that rolls by on its quadraphonic multi-media-equipped wheels.

Birthdays, like News Years Eve celebrations, should be a matter of rejoicing when we have done something fundamentally better with our lives, not when we’ve worsened our plight. If we have made dramatic improvements with respect to reverence for human existence, if our overall quality of living has been spectacularly improved, if the groping we do for the cause of Universal Peace has been even marginally-successful, then we have cause for a monstrous celebration, indeed. If we have failed at such a lofty set of goals, instead of massive drunken bacchanals in the streets, vastly overblown orgies of food and drink or even fireworks that make the neighborhood dogs all bark, we should be turning immediately back to the drawing board to correct the mistakes we have made, to craft a better humanity.

In this morning’s reverie, I contemplated the question, what would happen if I died today, and to be utterly and absolutely honest, my conclusion was that I would be found seriously wanting because I have never once taken that turn back to the drawing board. Somehow, through my incredibly active life, I have always assumed that I have done the best that I could do each year, and celebrated the new year as if everything were hunky-dory and fine. Well, I do not know if anyone has been watching over the last fifty-plus years, but things have gotten worse, not better, and it was on my watch.

Hope Springs Eternal on Christmas Day…

Good morning, Netizens…

It is nearly 6:30 AM on Christmas Day, and despite the fact that few, if any, people will be dropping by the Virtual Ballroom this morning for their daily regimen of a cup of Virtual Espresso, after the events of the previous 24 hours in the “real world”, I felt now more than ever I needed a cup of something authoritative enough to dispel any remaining pre-Christmas snowstorm, power outage, slipping and sliding through the courses blues and put myself in the proper mindset of rejoicing.

The hardest part of it was navigating the waist-deep snow piled in incongruous piles everywhere there was room for piles, not to mention driving by car down snow-filled streets, but the minute I stepped onto the sidewalk leading to the Virtual Ballroom, the snow simply ceased to be a factor, as some thoughtful persons had removed every shred of the dreaded white stuff from the sidewalk, piling it over where magnolias bloomed last summer.

Stomping my feet free of snow, I stepped inside the doorway and was not terribly surprised, for the Virtual Ballroom, like the grand old lady that she is, was festooned with twinkling lights, magical icicles hanging from the rafters and a huge Christmas tree in the middle of the dance floor with presents for everyone clustered beneath the tree. Tiny elves flitted and flew around the room and a host of ghosts stood quietly singing Christmas favorites over behind the bandstand. It looked, smelled and sounded like what I always hoped Christmas could somehow be, and I was momentarily overwhelmed.

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