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Police-involved shooting on North Side…


Good afternoon, Netizens…


As if we didn't collectively have enough sadness and woe to fill our consciousness, as of early this morning we have another officer-involved shooting that resulted in the death of a citizen. Although there is very limited information available to the public at this time, noon on Sunday, this much is known: at four AM, two Spokane Police Officers were responding to a report of domestic violence in a home and shot and killed a man who was armed with a knife at the 5700 block of North Elgin in North Spokane. Given the limited information being released to the news media, I do believe that does count for domestic violence, yes.


Today's shooting is the seventh officer-involved shooting in Spokane County since August, and the fifth fatal shooting. Of course, County Prosecutor Steve Tucker, recently re-elected into office by popular accord, has not ruled on any of these officer-involved shootings.


Of course, so long as we never question the manner in which justice is administered in Spokane County we may never locate it. Of course, your results may differ.



Spokane Police-involved shooting at the Special K Tavern…

Good morning, Netizens…

There has been a police-involved shooting at the Special K Tavern and Eatery on the corner of Market and and Garland in Hillyard at 9:34 PM last night. The police investigation resulted in Market being closed both north and south of Garland and Garland east of Market. Although details are still very sketchy at this hour, initial reports indicate there was a fight taking place outside the tavern, with one of the subjects being armed.

Police confronted the man with the gun and that is when he was shot.

There are several other police reports of criminal activities at the Special  K Tavern which can be found at

The police report states in part:

“We have been working the Special K tavern all week with several CFS have resulted in numerous fights both inside and out. There was a double stabbing on our days off there. Gang associates have the majority foot hold there and are mixed in with a few hard core criminals. All reports have been forwarded to liquor control board. ”

I would expect that by later on this morning more information will be forthcoming from the police department.


When can you judge a man?

Good afternoon, Netizens…

You probably should read Shawn Vestal’s piece on the police-involved shooting at Northwest Boulevard and Monroe which is to gain a different view of the perennial the police versus us contention that always seems to be present in our discourse. Then, read the story about three police officers who, in my opinion, went beyond the call of duty early this morning to rescue a suicidal man who wanted to jump off the Maple Street Bridge here

I just got off the phone with Shawn and in retrospect, I cannot help but remember one of the oldest lessons I learned as a young man growing up on my own in a harsh world. You cannot, history has taught me, judge a man until you have walked in his shoes.

I have never shot at a person. Had I done so, through years of having maintained good marksmanship through constant practice, I am relatively certain I would hit my target and thus take a human life, something I also am completely opposed to ever doing. But if it ever became necessary for me to do so to protect an innocent life, I could do so without a second’s thought.

However, to routinely strap on a weapon and be emotionally prepared to do that every day, to subconsciously keep in mind I might not be coming home that night because of a mentally-ill man with a shotgun, NO WAY. I reserve my deepest respect for those who can and do.


Suicide by cop? What can be done?

Good evening, Netizens…

It could not have happened at a worse time of the day than at or just before rush hour hit the corner of Monroe and Indiana and Northwest Boulevard. The traffic at that intersection always tends to be tough to navigate; even worse when everyone hits the intersection on their way home. Add one addled gunman firing indiscriminate shots into the air and later on at encroaching police officers and police officers returning gunfire and killing the man and you have mass pandemonium.

There are restaurants, a sub sandwich shop and all kinds of other businesses at this corner. People were walking in the area, and thus became witnesses to the shooting. It is surprising none of the bystanders were killed or injured. At least one house was hit by gunfire, source unknown.

Based upon what limited information is currently available a man, name unknown, left a house on Cedar and eventually ended up at the Indiana address, shooting a rifle or shotgun into the air sporadically. When police instructed him to drop the weapon he fired it at them. Eventually he was surrounded and shot by Spokane Police.

There may be several versions, multiple choice details to this crime, but as far as I can tell from what little public information that exists, I would term this “Suicide by cop”. I can think of no other reason a man in possession of his senses, surrounded by police officers, would continue shooting his gun in the air in the vicinity of a busy city intersection. Now the real question remains: what can we as concerned individuals do to stop suicide by cop?

Is it because we emptied our state hospitals and put people who are dangerous to themselves or others on the streets? Is it because our economy is peering back at us out of the bottom of the toilet?


WSP Detective shoots pregnant woman…

Good afternoon, Netizens…

All I know is that a WSP Detective involved with serving a search warrant on Spokane’s North Side shot a pregnant woman this morning. That’s not a lot of detail, for which I apologize, but I am engaged in a job this afternoon, and thus not able to fully discover what is going on.


Death and destruction on Glass Street.


Good morning, Netizens…

A police-involved shooting took place this morning shortly after 9:00 AM right down the street from Glass and Morton, home of the Virtual Ballroom.

Apparently this all began at about 8:45 this morning when an unknown male subject kicked in the front door of 1328 E Glass and assaulted a woman living in the house with a skateboard. Additionally, he stabbed a black pit bull in the house before fleeing. One of four males living in the house stated none of them knew the assailant, although in my experience of things, the young men of that house know just about everyone else in the neighborhood. After all, they have a portable basketball hoop set up next to the street for late-afternoon hoops and are quite popular as a result.

Police were summoned, and on Courtland, one block over, a policeman confronted the suspect, and immediately was stabbed. Backup was summoned and police shot the young man whose name has not been released to the news media at this time.

Thank you Spokane Police Department! It is unfortunate but true there is one less raving idiot walking around assaulting innocent people because of prompt, effective police action.


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