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Herman Cain is Getting Out of the Bed

Well, it has begun - all the sniping, gutter-swiping, yellow journalism, affairs, un-affairs, and innuendoes have finally sent Herman Cain out of the bed he was lying in.  He has “exited the political campaign” according to news sources (CNN for one).

I hate politics, don't you???  I would never run for an office - my personal life would be scrutinized so closely, most likely you would find out little trivial sins - like all the times I utilize the 10-second rule (especially if it is chocolate).

Cain didn't stand a chance once the first woman spoke up.

Fair warning to all of you potential presidents - lock your closets!  Those skeletons are just itching to escape.


Horsey’s take on political attack ads?

Good evening, Netizens…

In the election year when television attack ads have become so much a part of the sand-blasted television real estate, when every minute or two we hear more ads from either Dynamic Dino Rossi or Pork Barrel Patty Murray, each attacking the other, it might seem like an outer-space battle of wills. After seeing today’s David Horsey cartoon, some say he is looking at one side the political spectrum. The question that remains, however, is how many of the attack ads are coming from the Tea Party members?

Really, if you stop and think of it, most of the attack ads we are hearing and seeing on our televisions do not just originate from either Patty Murray, Dino Rossi or members of the Tea Party. Some say the Republican Party, who are leading in the polls for the most television advertising, are the source. Republicans, however, are quick to point a finger accusingly at Democrats.

You can open up a can of greasy, squirming worms if you begin to study negative political advertising, yet it is as American as apple pie this time of year. The only ones who win out in such contentious years as we have present are the television stations and advertising agencies.

Relax! It’s only going to get worse as we enter the last four weeks before election.


The candidate’s qualifications are…


Good morning, Netizens…

Left over from yesterday, but thought-provoking nonetheless, Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate Scott Brown celebrates with his daughters Arianna (L) and Ayla (R) along with his wife Gail after giving a speech after winning the special election to fill the Senate seat of the late Edward Kennedy in Boston, Massachusetts January 19, 2010.


Now that’s a first.

Senator-elect Scott Brown made his victory speech yesterday here and said something that I found interesting, and some say was borderline disgusting. Toward the end of his speech, he announced that his daughters, who were present on the platform with him, were “available”. That further qualifies him for office, right?

His daughters, both of whom appear in this picture, did not make any public comment , although they did laugh when Brown stated he might be in trouble when he returned home that night.

The political upset, when Brown soundly defeated Mass. Attorney General Martha Coakley, his Democratic opponent, may have profound impact on political demographics in the US Senate according to several sources. Will it spell certain defeat for health insurance legislation? Although some sources suggest yes, I believe that remains to be seen.


Put on your thinking caps…

Good morning, Netizens…

It is early on a Saturday morning, and while the fog hovers near the brackish river while we sit, high and dry, above the worst of it all. Our lives move onward, nonetheless, as we have jobs and businesses to maintain, bills to pay and thus the day begins pretty much as any other day.

What I am following this morning are two entirely different sets of opinions, each from a far-different camps of political thought. I first heard of these from cartoonist-columnist David Horsey of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, and like any self-respecting fish in the river, the minute I watched the first video, I was hooked.

The first video is of group of Obama supporters who were polled about President Obama’s policies and the his history prior to being elected President of the United States. While I cannot swear authoritatively that there is no attempt on the part of the interviewer to sway or lead those whom he interviews one way or the other, I submit the video rests as a troubling document nonetheless. This video was shot on election day last year.

On the other hand here we have the people recently interviewed at a Sarah Palin book signing. Once again, I cannot make any claims that this video is untainted by the videographer’s personal opinions; only that the opinions of the public themselves, are equally troublesome.

The truly troublesome aspects of both videos are that Americans perceive our country’s foreign policies as viewed from whatever news source(s) they happen to watch/hear, but overall at least the people being interviewed in both these videos appear to not understand how government works, is supposed to work or who is actually in charge. Nobody has a clue about what Sarah Palin would do if she were elected President of the United States. As history shows us, the voters who elected President Barak Obama in a landslide vote apparently had no idea what his foreign and domestic policies were going to be, either.

My opinions are that Sarah Palin as a Presidential candidate is very troublesome, for it exploits the underlying ignorance of mainstream Americans. But before anyone points to that statement as proof of a hidden bias, I will go further and state that most the people who elected President Obama into office were as ignorant in as many ways as those who support Sarah Palin.

I located a copy of the citizenship test that all newly-arrived U.S. Citizens are required to take prior to becoming citizens this morning, and took and passed the test easily. Since it is rather lengthy (100 questions) I will post it in its entirety in a separate message. I should note that the test questions I am using are the original questions, not the revised questions in use since October 1, 2008. That, too, is troublesome. If you go to you can comparatively examine the two sets of questions. Then it up to you to decide why the questions were changed.


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