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Good evening, Netizens…


I have given a great deal of thought to the Democratic National Convention, and I have reached a few conclusions that probably will not surprise anyone.


If you are a Republican stalwart, of course you eagerly chant the new party line of unity, “Are you better off now than you were four years ago?” Of course you never stick around to listen to any answers you might receive from the Democratic stalwarts.


However, cartoonist David Horsey has kindly offered to answer the Republican question by selecting where on the planet the Republican Party asks their combative question. For example, if they were to ask the auto workers the question, given that less than four year ago they were about to be shut down for good, the answer provided by the Good Wrench Gang of General Motors would be quite in line with Horsey's cartoon, I would think.


Much the same can easily be said for Osama Bin Laden, whose remains now lay at the bottom of the sea somewhere. He unquestionably is not better off than he was living in luxury four years ago.


Are we better here in our little alcove in the Pacific Northwest? I believe that answer lies within each of us, to be answered within ourselves and not by an pollsters in some air conditioned office far, far away.


However, we may revisit this and other questions once Romney and Obama debate head-to-head. That promises to be a delightful fracas, which might actually answer the Republican question once and for all. Of course, your results may differ entirely.



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