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Day nine and counting…


Good morning, Netizens…


Hey, it's day nine… nine days since I last had a cigarette, but I have to admit it all comes at a price. The patch is the only thing that has made this change tolerable, but I am having wildly-unpredictable dreams when I sleep, and there is the always-present urge to have a cigarette, although that does seem to be slowly receding, thank God! My saintly wife informed me yesterday of the amount of money ($40-plus a week) I have saved by not smoking, and I have to admit, I did not miss having the money until it suddenly appeared after not smoking. It is the first time you'll hear me bitch about having more money than usual. Yes, Jeanie, there is not a day goes by but what I want a damned cigarette.


I have come to grips with both the addiction to nicotine and the habit of smoking. Perhaps worse than the addiction are the places and times when I instinctively reach for a cigarette, such as sitting down at the computer and writing something or after having a meal. I have always had a pack of smokes handy whenever I am writing, because that is my habit. The nicotine patch lessens the addiction by substituting the addiction to cigarettes by giving you your nicotine another way, but the habit of reaching for a cigarette may never die, I am told by others who have successfully quit the habit.


Last evening, my neighbor who traditionally is broke but still has a fierce addiction to nicotine came by to try and purchase a few cigarettes to “tide her over”, as in the past I have done what I thought was my part to help her out by donating to her cause. The look on her face when I told her neither I nor my stepson have cigarettes, that we no longer allow cigarettes in our household was sad to see. After forty-some years of living with an addiction, I ought to know the feeling pretty well.



Five days in and quitting..,.

Good afternoon, Netizens…


I have crossed many divides in my 66 year course through life, but this morning, I am already five days not smoking, and although I like it not, there are side effects of the pharmaceutical and of course the urge to light up. I've quit smoking three times cold turkey, and fell back off the wagon shortly thereafter. That being said, I am down to four cigarettes a day. I made the New Years resolution to do this and now with the aid of modern pharmacology, I'm going to beat this habit.


In case you noticed, I've been a little absent lately, not posting near so much. That's because my hands shake so badly I cannot type very well, one of the side-effects of Wellbutrin, a mini-psychotropic that helps kill the habit of smoking, among other things.


It is almost funny, I can sit in my Great Chair and rattle right along like an old codger with palsy. However, the side effect is getting better as my body adapts to the drug. I would imagine I will be up to snuff in a few days, all without smoking any more obnoxious cigarettes.



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