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Gimme old time religion…

Good morning, Netizens…


With the morning news that Oops!! the Reverend Harold Camping, who predicted the end of it all on May 21, he now states that his calendar got screwed up and the date of the Rapture will fall on October 21, instead. This brings me back to the vision(s) we have of Biblical statements, mostly relating to the Old Testament in the case of David Horsey, cartoonist, for example.


Parts of the Old Testament, which includes the Pentateuch, is a favorite source of theology for some old-time religious beliefs, some of which David Horsey has cited in this cartoon. Far be it from me to wade into the middle of the dialogue between Biblical scholars! However, as David Horsey's excellent cartoon suggests, the Old Testament has some pretty interesting restrictions upon modern-day living.


Can you imagine what would happen if we had to actually had to live with the statements contained in the Old Testament? Say, come to think of it, we could all have multiple wives, now couldn't we? We could even behead those in advertising so regularly lie to us. I could easily come up with more sweeping changes that would come about if we adhered 100% with the restrictions in the Old Testament. Say, couldn't we have fun?


Of course, your beliefs and decisions may differ from this vision. Nonetheless, it is an interesting thought.



Horsey speaks on religion…

Good morning, Netizens…

I don’t know why David Horsey chose today, Black Friday, of all days to write about a history of religion, but so be it. It is a hot enough button, and it is done well enough that it should inspire either some in-depth conversation or controversy, depending upon one’s relative point of view.

One of my favorite books, The Comparative History of Religion, an out-of-date tome that delves pretty deeply into how the various religions have evolved, including not only the various permutations of Christianity but pretty much all the other religious factions from Islamic Faith to the more esoteric and Eastern belief systems. Yet another excellent study in belief, the eleven volume set of The History of Philosophy by Will and Ariel Durant, exposes much of how religions evolved.

Nearly all the religions of the world proclaim loudly they are religions of peace. When you stop to think of it, most of the significant wars and strife in the world have been fomented or at least abetted by religion, beginning with the Birth of Christ, continuing up to modern times.

Some say religion and politics are often quite parallel to one another throughout history. Of course, some others suggest that religion shaped politics or vice-versa. It all depends upon one’s perspective.

We have been dragged back and forth into various wars throughout history by our faiths and our political points of view, so it comes as no surprise that in our generation we are fighting wars, once again, with two religions, or factions thereof, most of which proclaim they have only peaceful beliefs.

To see the logic of this all we must do is study history, for its unblinking eye tends to tell us wars and religions are inevitable. Of course, your opinions may differ.


Is religion dying away?

Good morning, Netizens…

Yesterday was Easter Sunday and if you believe David Horsey, there must be a reason why the churches in Spokane were filled to overflowing despite the fact overall church attendance is declining steadily. However, in his analysis of churchgoers, while David Horsey covered the Evangelical, Catholic, Episcopalian and Methodist he left out several of my favorite religious faiths.

For example, he omitted to mention the Mormons who admit to worshiping God but have their own interpretation of the Bible, complete with two books represented to be Holy Scripture. Are they the most-populous American church? Some say yes, some say no. I say it makes a difference on whether you are a practicing Mormon.

Horsey also overlooks the Unitarians who are perceived by some as somewhat of a alternative religion. According to some other churches, they sidestep traditional God-worship because they ordain Gay, Lesbian and Transgendered (BGLT) persons as ministers, which probably drives the Catholics and the Mormons out of their minds. Ah, and then they allow the battle between religion and science to do battle on a regular basis. As far as I know they have not fully accepted Easter as the rising of Christ from the dead, but I could be wrong on that. This may be what is referred to as “intellectualizing Jesus Christ”, but I could be wrong.

Horsey also fails to pay attention to the Unity movement, the Buddhists, Zoroastrians and various other sects who regularly plead for you to join their congregations and contribute to their cause(s). Each have their own set of disciplines, beliefs and long (sometimes tortured) histories, some of which predate the time of Christ.

Horsey’s cartoon begs the question quite directly: Is Christianity dead or dying on the carpet of Faith? I submit that if you judge the validity of Christianity by the number of persons in church on Easter Sunday, you might be drawn to conclude it is alive and well in America. However, in mid-July this summer, when everyone flees Spokane for camping trips, vacations and other events, you might draw a different conclusion.

My opinion is if you base your belief in the resiliency of Christianity upon the attendance in church, then you might truly end up scratching your heads, because the resident populations dramatically diminishes then.


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