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Rocky Treppiedi is fired…

Good afternoon, Netizens…


Some of the stench that has lingered for what some have said was far too long is gone now, thanks to Mayor David Condon. That's right, Rocky Treppediedi was fired, effective today. Although Spokane City Attorney Nancy Isserlis actually did the firing, I firmly believe none of the decisions that led to Rocco's termination would have ever taken place were it not for Mayor Condon. As many times as I have carped and bitched about our City's Mayors, it gives me a feeling of hope to see Condon keep his word to fire Treppediedi, and thus help eliminate the pall that has hung over Spokane City Hall for years. It's about time!


This isn't about just the Otto Zehm case, although Treppediedi has his fingers all over that case from the beginning. There is an excellent sidebar to Rocky's termination which is located at and should be required reading for anyone who questions why Rocky had to go. Bill Morlin and Karen Dorne Steele's article lists many of the significant cases which littered Treppediedi's history as Spokane's Counsel, each one adding to the aroma of malfeasance that has lingered far too long over our fair city.


There are some places throughout our city's history where we collectively have made a turn toward improvement, and I firmly believe eliminating Rocky Treppiedi as an Assistant City Attorney was long overdue.



Queen Mary stonewalls KREM-2…

Good morning, Netizens…

Photo: KREM-2 News. Not in my face you don't!

According to KREM.COM's web site, Queen Mary Verner still has a terse “no comment” regarding Tim Durkin's statements made about her Frequently Asked Questions.


In court documents filed on September 28th, Federal Prosecutor Tim Durkin accused Mayor Verner of handing out “patently false statements” in the Zehm case. Durkin referenced a list of frequently asked questions handed out by Mayor Verner at a news conference on September 9th that said City of Spokane attorneys met with Federal Prosecutors in 2009. In court documents Durkin said that meeting never happened.


KREM 2 News crews tried three times in two days to get a response from the City of Spokane, including an attempted interview outside Truth Ministries where Queen Mary was appearing Friday night.


According to—130898193.html KREM also attempted to interview Rocky Treppiedi and Howard Delaney (who were listed on the FAQ sheet as having attended the meeting in 2009 with Federal Prosecutors) on Friday about whether or not they attended a meeting with the Federal Prosecutors, but their receptionist said they had no comment. 


Stonewalling is no answer. Queen Mary, Rocky Treppiedi and Howard Delaney need to step up to the microphone and state what they know.



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