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Google is a verb and a noun…

Good morning, Netizens…

Just how pervasive is the Internet Search Engine Google anyway? It seems that virtually anything, ranging from news stories, books, just to name a few of the have been assimilated into this massive search engine, but where do we draw the line? That is one of the questions David Horsey asks in this cartoon.

Or perhaps if one assumes that Google is synonymous with the Internet itself, perhaps we should ask the question just how pervasive is the Internet?

Unlike some who are reading this brief message are saying, “Why, we could not survive without the Internet.”

Let us reflect back on the idea of an all-consuming Google for a moment. Then let us look at some alternatives. Personally I think it is too late for that, but your opinions may differ. I think we waited too long to look how voracious the Internet Search Engines are and how we have become dependant upon them for our everyday lives. On the other hand, let us examine carefully all the good things search engines bring us.

You have to balance everything in life, including our dependence upon the Internet, do we not?


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