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Killing socialized medicine…

Good evening, Netizens…

I wondered when David Horsey would get around to pinning the tail for public health insurance on the jackass, I mean the elephant.

Of course, what you cannot see in this cartoon are the tons of money crammed into that poor little insurance company lobbyists satchel, some of which doubtlessly will be slipped to the elephant beneath the table. After all, everyone gets a little largesse in such a grand scheme as killing the public health insurance option, don’t they?

The real issue which David Horsey has exposed, for the sake of those not looking in recently, is that with over 50 million Americans unable to afford health insurance, where do we draw the line?

Take the lobbyists out of health care and put the billions they have spent out of their satchels back into affordable health care for everyone might be a good first step. The real question, notwithstanding, is should the government make health care a right? Or should affordable health care be a privilege for only those who can afford it?

That decision is hanging in space right now, and perhaps there is a chance we may get a decision soon.


Where do you stand on socialized health care?

Good afternoon, Netizens…

David Horsey’s cartoon of this morning directly addresses the rising issue of socialized health care in this country, and originally I was going to try to speak to the pros and cons of socialized medicine. The deeper I looked into it, the worse the vision got. We in the United States are purportedly one of the most wealthy countries in the entire world, and yet we fall consistently behind when it comes to delivering affordable health care to middle and lower-income families. There are lots of reasons this is true, but perhaps the biggest of them all are lobbyists who have the powerful persuasion to steer our elected congressional members the direction they want them to go.

The single objection I envision when comparing the United States health care system to Germany, let’s say, is that most new breaking-edge medications, treatments and disciplines originate here in the United States, and nowhere else. We are the pill-packing, machine making autocratic physician to the world. Otherwise, why do the foreign countries of the world continue sending their children to the hospitals and specialists in the United States? That’s because they lack most of the innovation that we traditionally have had here in this country.

On the other hand, there are too many tales, including a few right here in Spokane, where indigent health care patients have lost their homes to the massive collection agencies that lurk behind the scenes at our hospitals and clinics. You don’t have any money and you are dying? Sure, come right on in and we’ll fix you right up. If you’ve got any assets that our people can find, we’ll make them our assets in exchange for treating you. That’s the way the system, at present, works, and it is wrong.

Besides, who are the pinhead administrators who organize and legitimize million dollar advertising campaigns for hospitals? Take the money the administrators would save and invest it in free/low-cost clinics for the indigent and low-income families.

I cannot help but wonder. Would socialized health care guarantee everyone, regardless of their income, quality medical care? If so, I’m for it. I’m a statistic: too sick for low-cost insurance and too broke to buy it. 


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