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A bit of tongue in cheek about Sotomayor…

Good morning, Netizens…

As some may know, there are two Oaths of Office when swearing in a Federal Court Justice. The second, which most of us have seen already, was administered by Chief Justice John Roberts in an ornate conference room, beneath a portrait of the legendary Chief Justice John Marshall. Her left hand resting on a Bible that was held by her mother, Celina, Sotomayor pledged to “do equal right to the poor and to the rich.”

The first, which took place in a private conference room witnessed by guests and assorted dignitaries with the TV cameras absent.

The oath that Sotomayor took in private is prescribed by the Constitution and required of all federal officials. The second oath, taken in front of a television audience, is spelled out in the 220-year-old federal law that established the federal court system, although this was the first time TV cameras were allowed to witness the event.

Rumor has it the reason for this was so all of America could see their fingers were uncrossed behind their backs and for the really ancient viewers, so that the public could see none of the members of the nation’s highest court were still wearing their Captain Midnight Secret Decoder Rings.

Please see

It is said you are truly ancient if you can remember Captain Midnight, or still happen to have one of the original secret decoder rings, but that is a fraction of the age of the Supreme Court.

Yours for history’s sake…


Are we there yet?

Good evening, Netizens…


David Horsey’s cartoon asks a question of a “wise latina woman” that resonates with perhaps most of the women who read it: Have men done such a bad job of administering our legal system in this country? Of course this question is extensible, as we have to ask ourselves whether men have done a fair job of running our government compared to women?


The answers, I fear, depends upon how soon we see our government being administered equitably by women because, at the present time, women are just now breaking the glass ceiling.Thus we have a long ways to go.


My answer to the question in this cartoon depends upon whether the person(s) responding to it are black, female, transgendered or other ethnic backgrounds. Do we have a representative government? From the way I view it, not if you happen to be female or non-white. 



What happened to the attack on Sotomayor?

Good morning, everyone…

I held back yesterday’s David Horsey cartoon simply because I wanted to see how well Sotomayor held up under the microscope of the world press, if not the conservative Republicans looking for a way to derail Sotomayor’s first appearance before the Senate.

However, what I did see were Republicans, including Senator Sessions, doing every kind of hand jive imaginable to avoid creating the appearance of being anti-Hispanic. Although none of them, thus far, would dare attack Sotomayor directly for any reason, they did everything imaginable to create dissent and distrust with President Obama’s selection of her as a potential Supreme Court Justice. My, how time and a Presidential Election have changed things!

I believe the Republicans are scared that any dirty business they might do against Sotomayor might come back to haunt them during the next election, that the number of Hispanics that put Obama in the Presidency implies they now have to court the Hispanic vote if they have any hopes, at all, of being re-elected.

That’s why I now believe Sotomayor will be approved as our next Supreme Court Justice.

However, the cartoon is right: the Ultra-conservatives, including Rush Limbaugh, are rattling the sabers from within the closet where the Republican National Party keeps them hidden this close to an election.

What are your thoughts on Sotomayor?


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