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I Want the Same Rights as Spokane Police

So, the latest and oh so similar story (same ol' same ol') has come to Spokane AGAIN.   Thanks to Chelsea Bannach's article - once again I am amazed and angered that the City of Spokane has no spine!

Brad Thoma gets rewarded for acting badly - totally unprofessionally, totally contrary to the job description he failed to adhere to.  

How can a police officer break the law - whether or not he is on duty - and, after he is justifiably fired, get back pay???  This is outrageous!  Why can't city officials, including the new mayor, get a grip!  Enough of this!  

Clean up on aisles 78 through 159.  


An adult fairy tale twice told…

Good evening, Netizens…


If we, as adults, could only imagine having such things as adult fairy tales, perhaps this evening's cartoon by David Horsey might be even more of an entertainment event than the cartoon itself.


What if, for example, we suddenly endured a category 3 hurricane here in Spokane, an event that by itself is a bit preposterous. Mind you, I didn't suggest it was impossible, just slightly ridiculous. If one can imagine having a tropical storm suddenly make its appearance on our ill-fated version of the evening weather forecasts, all kinds of hell would break loose as meteorologists attempted to explain just how that happened.


But in keeping with David Horsey's cartoon, what would happen if, our imaginary hurricane were to suddenly clean our benighted local government out while it wended its way back toward the ocean? Neat as a pin it might pick up the Mayor, the nefarious Council President, the majority of the City Council and the City Attorney's office up and sweep them all out to sea, neatly rearranging our upcoming election for the voters without so much as a by thee well.


Now what would the news media call THAT?


They more than likely would sputter a bit before calling it an unprecedented disaster or some other suitably solemn-sounding description complete with four-inch headlines. However, being a somewhat unwashed member of the Fourth Estate, I would most likely pause for reflection and then term it divine intervention, and let the Divine take the blame for the aftermath that would most certainly follow.


Yes, it is a fairy tale. No, no hurricanes are coming to clean out the Stygian mess we have in local government. The only solution which seems to have a chance of cleaning up the mess for either David Horsey's fanciful cartoon or my interpretation thereof is the voters taking action.


Of course, your fairy tales may differ, and from them, your results may differ as well.



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