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What is a hero or heroine?

Good morning, Netizens…

(Photo credit: Comcast)

I seldom complain about advertisements, simply because I have an oddball television tuner card that I have hot wired into one of my few remaining Microsoft Windows boxes, which allows me to muzzle and in some cases, completely eliminate television advertising from my consciousness. However, in one of the few instances where I have paid attention to the nauseously self-serving advertisements, most particularly Comcast, I cannot help but notice they are advertising hockey player Karen Thatcher and various other Olympic competitors as “local heroes”.

Wait a minute here. Isn’t Thatcher a well-paid spokesperson? I did tentatively attempt to see if she were paid for her participation in this advertisement, but no such luck. That does bring me to my question, whatever did she do to earn the status of a heroine? Play hockey? What values make a person a hero or heroine?

Our men and women in far-off wars in our names. Firemen who go into burning buildings to rescue potential victims. Police who take their lives in their hands simply by having coffee in public places and then die trying to save us all. These are my heroes and heroines.

Who are some of your local heroes?


The greatest tribute…

Good morning, Netizens…

The talking heads today are occasionally talking about Jennifer Hudson’s story, about her compelling performance of the Star Spangled Banner before the Super Bowl yesterday, and some even mentioning the murders of her mother, brother and nephew who were brutally murdered in October of last year, ostensibly murdered by the singer’s brother-in-law, William Balfour, who has been charged in the crimes. Despite the fact that Jennifer Hudson lip-synched her performance yesterday, as that is an order of the NFL, she gave the performance of a lifetime before an audience of billions around the globe.

The hulking football players, great clad heroes of the coming battle, appeared to be touched, as was I.

However, the truly greatest significance of Jennifer Hudson’s performance came not from her considerable talents and tremendous vocalization.

No, for what brought tears to my eyes, insufferable old sentimental poop that I am, is that after countless wars, thousands of young people in far-off lands willing to give their lives for their country, and all the strife and anguish that it implies, Old Glory, our great American flag is still there, floating in the breeze, to give us all pause to consider how very fortunate we are. For a time there, a mere dot in the face of history, perhaps others were reminded of the great sacrifices that flag represents, and we as a Nation might be grateful to be here, and to live in the greatest free country in the world.


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