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Which piece of pie do we get?

Good evening, Netizens…


Have you had a piece of pie lately? Which kind was it: the Republican slice of the pie or the pieces that are left over once the wealthy get their piece of the pie? As David Horsey's cartoon so adeptly shows, it all depends upon how the pie is sliced as to how much dessert you and I will get. As many in recent times have noted, only the wealthiest Americans get the tax breaks obliquely mentioned in the cartoon, not to mention the harsh reality unfolding across the country.


What is the cure for this disparity of the pie?


We either have to place additional taxes on the wealthiest Americans (yeah, watch the Republicans and Tea Party pass this one!), place a flat tax that taxes everyone equally based upon their relative income levels or tear up the IRS tax code and start over. Given the lack of cooperation evident in Washington, DC, do I realistically think for a minute any of these will pass into law?


From my perspective, the biggest problem we have in resolving the breakdown of the tax breaks is simple: eliminate all tax breaks.


Of course the biggest obstacle to any of the above is that the top percentile of the wealthiest Americans are in the US House and Senate in far-off Washington. Now someone tell me why they would be in favor equalizing the tax codes, eliminating tax breaks and various loopholes used by the wealthy to avoid paying taxes.


Of course, your results may differ.



Taxes or not?

Good morning, Netizens…

Now David Horsey’s cartoon this morning is bound to set members of the conservative right wing to rattling their sabers and banging their kettles against their foreheads.

What David Horsey states is impeccably true, though. The hard part about this all is how this country is going to deal with its deficit, but that seems to be an issue for another conversation.

However, on this point, Horsey is right-on!


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