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Another week bites the dust…

Good morning, Netizens…

It’s always tranquil just before dawn, it seems. The human race hasn’t had the time to make any big mistakes in the new day, and for the most part, those criminally-inclined have finished their dirty business and crept back into the holes they call home, although crime never truly ceases. Mother Nature always seems to be most-tranquil in the darkness just before daybreak; the fires from yesterday are dying down one would hope. Even the yesterday’s winds are calm, and it is cooler. Thank God it’s Friday.

It may be days, weeks perhaps, before we will ever know the fact of how Pastor Wayne Creach met his demise, except he died of a bullet in his chest. Those who knew him in life will mourn the passage of an iconic preacher and business owner, a gentle soul who left a broad footprint in life as in his death. If one takes a simplistic view of this tragedy, we can state emphatically that someone made a horrible mistake, and call it that. We simply lack the facts to reach any other conclusion.

Perhaps what is an even greater bit of sadness is how vitriolic and suspicious people are of the police in general, and perhaps with damned good cause; perhaps not. As an old friend once told me, “…you’re either part of putting out the fires or part of throwing logs on the fire…”.

A fleeting visual image from KREM-2 of Spokane Police Department’s Public Information Officer Jennifer DeRuwe appearing at the crime scene attired in casual clothes wearing what I would term a blue party-like Carnaby hat before she had time to don her official SPD baseball cap was almost hysterical in my opinion. Unfortunately it gave the grim crime scene a macabre feeling rather than the overwhelming sadness that eventually prevailed.

What else is there to be said for today? In search for something uplifting and joyous to tell, the peach harvest now well underway in Green Bluff is excellent according to my sources.


Friday on the fly…

Good morning, Netizens…

I hasten to add if you are reclining on a lily pad here in Spokane, already some of the warmest Netizens in the Pacific Northwest, you will be cooking soon as today’s temperatures are aiming for the lower 90’s. The talking heads of television news have already dispensed their advice for how best to cope with the temperature, but this is what we once affectionately called motorcycle weather. I remember years ago getting up before dawn and jumping on my motorcycle for a quick cool spin before work in the morning, or another time when, being young and stupid, I rode across the Great Desert of the Southwestern United States when the temperature was over 120 degrees. I came home from that trip having shed several layers of outer skin, but still managed to have a big grin on my face.

Your results today might differ, depending upon whether or not you ride your motorcycle down to the Tri-Cities area on a whim today. Don’t say I didn’t warn you about the sand blasting treatment in 100 degree heat.

I have been remiss in my duties here at the Virtual Ballroom for most of the week, as my good day job has crept from beneath the rusty bucket sitting beneath the water tap outside and has overtaken most of my life this week. I cannot remember which side of the brain, left or right, that gets used when I switch from the technical to tending this Blog. However, when enmeshed in technical fare, there are advantages, most notably being I have no time nor inclination for listening to the incessant babbling from the television. They become irrelevant, despite how they attempt to wrap themselves in Facebook and Twitter.

I suppose my only claim to fame is that I have worked in four different computer operating systems this week, and never flinched; only two of the systems were Microsoft-based, one was Linux-Unix and that leaves today’s challenge. What other computer operating systems are there, particularly one that is nearly hidden in obscurity but once ran a lot of database applications. Anyone care to speculate?

So here we are. Today is Friday, and as we approach the first real vestiges of summer this weekend, as we plot trips to the lakes and streams to escape the heat, I will attempt to catch up on matters. If all works according to plan, Jeanie will get her computer back from the shop today and thus will be able to weigh in with some input of her own.

Thank God it’s Friday!


Object lesson: don’t get caught!

Good morning, Netizens…

See? That got your attention, now didn’t it? Aren’t you glad it is Friday? Properly reviewed and evaluated, in the parlance of my industrial background, it’s “Just another day in Paradise” or better known by its acronym, JADIP.

Last night some youthful miscreants went rambling around the South Hill of Spokane trashing things in general and setting several fires. Some wits might observe this could have been a trial by fire, but when saner minds once again resume control of the Universe, they will be viewed as petty criminals or perhaps even felons for setting the various fires. Petty criminals never get to walk in slow motion before the TV cameras; only felons get that kind of specialized treatment by the news media. That is so wrong.

In my day of the great crime spree, Raymond and I stole several fat, sweet watermelons from the neighbor’s ample patch behind his sweet corn rows, and we got caught boosting said melons over the fence. No slow-motion television crap for us, uh huh. What we got was tantamount to a one-gun salute, as the farmer opened up with a double-barrel shotgun loaded with rock salt. Thanks to the Gods and Goddesses of Scottish lore, those tiny bits of rock salt missed me entirely, but they put a nice tattoo on poor Ray’s behind, of which we talked about for years to come when we weren’t at a state of war, that is.

Although I cannot state with any truth we never stole watermelons from that patch again, because like most criminal minds, Ray figured out a better way of stealing his watermelons and, later on, his pumpkins when they became ripe enough to steal. I just never got caught at it again. I learned my lesson the first time. I believe Ray is still serving time in the state prison system for bank robbery.

That’s the problem with modern law enforcement: you get prime-time television exposure when you get caught doing something major, while the little crooks scamper away, once they learn how to avoid detection and/or arrest. In modern society there aren’t any more farmers who load their shotguns with rock salt instead of bird shot, because they get to do the slow-walk before the TV cameras as they are led away to jail.

It’s going to be a scorching hot day today, just about as fine as those pieces of rock salt when they embed themselves in ones butt.

Since our various officers of the Spokane Police have been missing in action from this Blog lately, and since no one else is here to listen to your fumbling confessions, did you ever steal a watermelon on a hot summer’s day when nothing could beat eating a fresh, ripe watermelon down along the creek bank beneath the old wooden bridge?

It’s Friday, and a little confession is good for the soul, even then.


Here’s a cup for you…

Good morning, Netizens…

It’s FRIDAY again, and as we wind down from a long, hectic week, I saw this picture this morning and thought to myself, “I want a coffee cup like THAT.”

Actress Amy Poehler sips from a giant coffee cup during her appearance on NBC’s “Today” program in New York Thursday. (AP Photo/Richard Drew) (April 23, 2009)

Of course, this begs the question, how many cups of coffee do you drink each day? I probably drink two or three good-sized cups of my special blend each day, fresh ground coffee that is 50% Kona and 50% a standard blend, all of which I get from Four Seasons. The Kona makes it so one cup of my delightful blend generally will put most normal citizens in low-altitude orbit for the rest of the month.

Of course, that doesn’t include the special blends I get regularly from the Virtual Espresso Bar, some of which I have never heard of.

So, pour yourselves a cup of whatever pleases thee, and enjoy the day.


Wrestling at the Child Care…

Good afternoon, Netizens…

YAY! It’s Friday!


A large child care center in Spokane Valley was shut down by the state on Thursday after the owner and a parent allegedly got into a fight, which was witnessed by a child, state records show.

The Washington Department of Early Learning delivered a three-page notice of summary suspension on Thursday to Jolene Allen, owner of Christ Beginnings Child Care Center, 15112 E. 32nd Ave., ordering her to immediately stop offering child care.

According to the notice, “Ms. Allen and Ms. James grabbed each other and went to the floor. Both sustained injuries including red marks and rug burns.”

If all the facts prove over time to be correct, does this sound like Christ’s beginnings to anyone else? It sounds more like women’s wrestling match on the old-time television which, as the state law observes is probably no fit way to run a child care center. In fact the law is quite succinct in what is not allowed to take place in a child care facility.

I wonder if Jolene Allen will get her license back. Can you think of a reason why they should allow her to continue in business?


Thank God it’s Friday!

Good morning, Netizens!

Thank Gawd It’s Friday! ( The highly-ceremonial and somewhat questionable pompom Virtual Ballroom cheerleaders are out in full force this morning, despite the fact that GM’s Saab unit has filed for bankruptcy protection here:

and the Gonzaga Bulldogs which clinched at least a share of its ninth consecutive title with a 91-54 rout of Loyola Marymount in front of 6,000 Thursday at the McCarthey Athletic Center here, and of course, consumer prices have risen higher than anytime since July here

As if you needed a Saab to drive to the Gonzaga game Saturday while paying astronomical prices for snacks and chocolate, try not to be too depressed. Iran apparently now has enough enriched uranium to make a bomb.

Remember, if you see a brilliant flash in the sky, DON’T LOOK AT IT.

Until then, have a nice Friday.

Oh, and the weather forecast. It would help if we could see the damned weather gauge. I guess we might have some fog.


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