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Three Truths…

Good morning, Netizens…

David Horsey’s three little inconvenient truths, each of which are pretty accurate, just about describes it all, but I have some slight differences with his professional opinion.

If killing leaders of Al Qaida is such a good idea, perhaps someone should instruct our former and current Presidents on how to kill Osama bin Laden. The last time I checked, bin Laden was still alive and kicking which seems stupid, given the damage and suffering of 9/11 for which he was admittedly responsible. Can you imagine the havoc arresting and bringing bin Laden to the United States for trial would cause?

Of course Dick Cheney withheld information from the Congress. There are some who question whether he told anyone about his covert activities, but then I could be wrong. Given my view of his career, perhaps Cheney never heard of the US Constitution.

Of course I suspect Dick Cheney recognized that inconvenient truth #3 was and remains an accurate assessment. If you classify something TOP SECRET and then covertly it ends up in the hands of a member of Congress, it will eventually be leaked to either our enemies or the news media. Perhaps that is the strongest point in Horsey’s cartoon.


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