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Nancy Pelosi spills the beans…

Goodness sake, Netizens…

Oh, don’t get me started on Nancy Pelosi.

Today David Horsey takes on Nancy Pelosi, and this time it is her on the table to be tortured into telling the truth, if you believe certain conservative Republicans. On the other hand, Democrats are jumping into the fray stating unquestionably that Pelosi was telling the truth when she said the CIA never informed her about torturing terrorist suspects.

Who can we believe?

Pelosi is a skilled and gifted politician, of that you can be sure. In fact, anyone who rises to her level in the current political warpath is automatically suspect, in my opinion. In fact, anyone from the Republican side of the aisle is just about, if not more suspect. Historians will doubtlessly have a few years to write their versions of what happened in America during the Bush Administration and since.

Somehow I have the same eerie feeling that someday someone will write a different view of history where Nancy Pelosi is concerned with regard to the Barack Obama legacy.

Personally I think she probably was told what the CIA was doing with torturing our enemies, but calmly and proficiently “forgot” what she heard. Tighten the screws a little tighter guys and maybe she’ll spill the beans yet. That is the same philosophy ostensibly used by the CIA.


Roman or Christian?

Good morning, Netizens…

In his prologue to his column, which typically accompanies his cartoons, the Seattle Post-Intelligencer’s David Horsey states in part that “Our descent into torture as policy has compromised our founding vision. We, today, have become too Roman.”

He then cites a poll taken by the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life that states that 62% of Evangelical Protestants believe torture of suspected terrorists is justified. ( The poll question wording, according to the Pew Forum web site, is, “Do you think the use of torture against suspected terrorists in order to gain important information can often be justified, sometimes be justified, rarely be justified, or never be justified?”

The results of this poll are illuminating, especially when you pay attention to those unaffiliated with any organized religion. It would seem, according to Horsey, that there are more Christians in the United States who place more of their faith in Dick Cheney than Jesus Christ.

Like David Horsey, I do not believe that not only is torture illegal, it does not work. That, of course, will beg the question, whether or not it works, is it right? I fear this question will be visited over and over again for generations yet to come. However, a surprising number of Americans seem perfectly content with agents of the United States government carrying on like Roman soldiers at a crucifixion.

Yes, despite their magnificent culture and history, the Romans were known for torturing and crucifying those who disagreed with their principles, including Christians.

Where do you stand on the use of torture? Are you Roman or are you Christian?


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